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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Lisa Holloway

Have you even read the book? Or are the words too big?

Kevin Belanger

Your the quack, after several years of going from doctor to doctor of conventional medicine, I finally went to Mrs. Cave. I'll tell you know I feel better now than I have in a long time through her methods of healing. Conventional medicine does not want to heel anyone. They don't get to the root of the problem only treat symptoms. The medical industry would not make it billions a year if they trully tried to cure their patients' ailments. The Egyptions, Chinese, Japanese, etc. have used natural remedies for many diseases for thousands of years with great success. Today the FDA will not test these substances purely because big business "drug companies" pay them off not to.

Liz Ditz


See Orac on scientific method denialists.

  • Conspiracy.
  • Selectivity and outdated research
  • False Experts.
  • Impossible Expectations/Moving Goalposts...example is antivaccinationists demanding absolute, 100% safety from vaccines when nothing in medicine is without at least a tiny degree of risk.
  • Argument from Metaphor/violations of informal logic.

Belanger hits conspiracy, selectivity, & violations of informal logic.

my kids mom

Hmmm.... If she is such a quack, why is my son now off of the autistic spectrum? She is his Physician and after using chelation and other biomedical therapies our son is now neuro typical again. That is not just our opinion either. People that we meet can't believe that he ever had autism. We also had a second opinion from another autism physician who also said he could no longer diagnose him with autism.

Joe Martinez

Idiot... To attempt to insult a genious were so lucky to have on our side makes me want to strangle you. Weather your affiliated with the CDC "scum" or have stocks with Meark "scum" or just one more stupid Dr. that likes to give multiple vaccines on the same day. What ever your motives are I would love to hear you and all of your colleages try to debate with her.Idiot!!


Pathetic! Some people will just bury their hand in the sand no more what. In 2002, Dr Cave stated that she and her colleagues were treating more
than 1500 children on the ASD. Today, that number
is likely to number in the thousands.

If you disagree with someone, fine. But stop making extreme pronouncements that could damage
a great doctor's reputation.

Tom Puckett

I would like to afirm what Mr. Martinez says. Idiot. Some people spend their whole lives getting educated, and yet, they completely lack intelligence that is needed to make the education work. Dr Cave fixes Autism. How about yourself? I have a 4yo male, Autistic child who now makes eye contact, speaks, and will soon be leaving the Autistic Spectrum, because of Dr Cave. I have seen other children that she has treated, who were lying on the floor, whaling and being dragged from place to place. Four months later that same child walking, talking and you could not tell she was every Autistic. Results trump retoric any day. Idiot!

Austin Texas

Your comment about Dr Cave displays a vast amount of ignorance on the subject of Autism. You are towing the line of deception by the Pharmacuetical companies. The have known for decades the results of Thimerosal on children and the resulting Autism. George Bush buried in the Patriot Act that everyone had to sign or be labeled unamerican had a provision to not allow any litigation against pharma for vaccines. That is evil using war to cover up collateral damage from vaccines on children. Robert Kennedy wrote an excellent article about the Pharmacuetical companies directing the FDA telling them what to do. How could you post such an obvious lie about Stephanie Cave. She is one of the most credible people on the subject testifying before congress in 2000. Get a clue please and stop misleading people. You just have to actually find the information yourself rather than being spoon fed lies by the media.

Matt Carey

"Austin Texas"

I've been reading all those arguments for years. What they have to do with Stephanie Cave is questionable, so this seems like your chance to just list a number of the standard talking points.

Let's go through them, shall we?

" George Bush buried in the Patriot Act that everyone had to sign or be labeled unamerican had a provision to not allow any litigation against pharma for vaccines."

The president doesn't add verbage into bills. Congress does. The patriot act didn't have language against vaccines in general. In one version, there was language about thimerosal.

Robert Kennedy's "excellent" article had many corrections made, and finally retracted it entirely.

Many people testify before congress. Doesn't make them credible. Heck, Andrew Wakefield testified before congress. Not only is he not credible in general, he lied under oath, failing to disclose his funding sources when directly asked.

Perhaps you could do a little deeper digging before accusing others of being "spoon fed"?


Austin Texas:

You are towing the line of deception by the Pharmacuetical companies.

Ah, I see the old tired and lame Pharma Shill Gambit. Perhaps, Mr./Ms. Texas you will do something novel and new next time: post some real evidence.

And evidence from folks who know actual science, not lawyers. Though if you wish to go to a lawyer for medical care, I won't stop you.

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