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Friday, March 30, 2007



I want to add my two cents that cyberbullying is simply another expression of the woman-hating that permeates our culture. The Internet is home to a multi-billion-dollar pornography industry. If there was ever a group of second-class citizens it is women. We should get to the root of the problem.

Kelly Christopherson

Liz, I don't necessarily agree that cyberbullying is all women hating but whom ever it targets, it is wrong. I've seen a great number of comments about different blogs or videos that should not have been allowed. I don't think we professionalize it or anything like that but, instead, we continue to put a focus on those who are doing such things and root them out. We seem to have outbreaks of conscience when looking at someone in the wrong way is bullying then it drops off while some other social issue tops the charts for awhile. Society is full of bullies and until society decides that this behaviour is not acceptable, they will continue to create problems for the bullied. What we are discussing is much larger than the internet or blogs. This is a "how we treat other people" issue that comes right down to a societal discussion about people interactions. We can root out some of those who are offensive but we don't all have the same definition of what is acceptable - so back we go. Interesting view and good discussion starter.

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