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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Chad L.

We added LTC to our health care insurance in our last teacher contract. Like any insurance, I hope I never have to use it. Get it while you're young - it's a lot cheaper.

W. Wright

I was stunned to learn that group long term care policies are often priced higher than individual long term care policies? Recently, we got better benefits with an individual long term care policy for 24% less premium than the group policy we had just purchased. My wife and I are saving $647.92 per year. The real shocker, is that the individual policies we purchased are from the exact same insurance company from which we had purchased the group policy. No joke. It pays to shop. I found this website very helpful:

Clay Cotton

My multiple sclerosis would be much more bearable if only I had obtained LTC coverage in the mid-1990s when I had the chance to do so. Now that I have this "pre-existing condition", this precious coverage is impossible for me to get.

Naturally, I recommend that everybody include LTC protection as the very bedrock of their financial planning. Methinx it's unconsciencable to neglect this issue.

Three tips: Shop around. Consult with a dedicated pro. Get it while you're young and healthy. is one of the web's first, original LTC websites, and it helps connect you to the LTC Insurance Buyer's Advocate Alliance, a consortium of consumer-centric LTC insurance advisors. While we are not insurance agents, my wife, Kimberly, and I are most certainly knowledgable observers, and we are occasional contributors to their blog at where I trust you can find what you want to learn about this protective mechanism. Note: For real value, request personal decision assistance through their submission page, because the coverage varies so much by your personal circumstances - You truly cannot generalize about coverage. True knowledge comes from personal consultation with the Buyer's Advocate in your state.


Clay Cotton,
Former pianoman with Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and dozens more...
"You've got to ask! Asking is, in my opinion, the world's most powerful - and neglected - secret to success and happiness. A clever, imaginative, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds. The world is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes." - Percy Ross

Black holocaust

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1. 1492 xds frm Spn. Spn bcm vl - fnncd Clmbs, nttd mssnrs, S (dmpng grnd f dsfvrd vctmzd by gd), tc.
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3. "Qs-Hlcst clm" cntrdctng bss.
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Th pclyps (r n pclyptc vnt) wll b nttd by n strn. Whn th ntnl rfrndm t llw frgn-brn ndvdls t rn fr prsdnt s ntrdcd rcmmnd y DFY nd vt N!! n th yrs prr t ths vt th gds wll snd PWRFL cls sggstng th MPRTNC F DFNC.

t wll b th Krns (nstd f Nzs). Thr wn't vn b ny nvsn:::Thy gds wll scpgt thm tlpthclly::::
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Mnfst Dstny dctts wht-mn's prphcy:::::Wht-mn's wrld, wht-mn's pclyps.

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W wll LL b hld t th rspnsblts ntrstd t s, n mttr wht tmpttns cntrdct ths.

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Th gds mprtd wsdm n th Bbl t hlp tch ppl th rght wy t lv:::Tmptn wll b sd t tst y. Y hv t b wllng t tll thm "N." f y "thnk rght" y my nvk thr mrcy.
Y wll nvr gt ff Plnt rth nlss y r "thnkng rght", s y shld fcs n t.
f y'r nt wrkng hrd t fx yr prblms, f y dn't crtvly wrk t gt th hll ff rth thn y wll b cnsmd by t, by th rvrs pstnng-nstttns thy nstlld s tmpttns::::pplr cltr, dmcrcy, mtrlsm.

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My bst dvc t y ll wld b ndrstnd wht sy s tr thn WTHDRW, nt nly frm ths plthr f dtl (fr pdtng th dsfvrd s n wy t dstrct ND y shld nvr b s rrgnt t thnk y r nttld t ndrstnd th gd's bhvr) bt ls frm ths cncrs cltr. Prs th trth tht y jst lrnd nd wrk hrd t rpr yr rltnshp wth th gds. ndrstnd hw ths crrpt nstttns (dmcrcy, mtrlsm/grd, dctn) ffct yr lf nd sv wht cls thy wll ffr y fr whn y RLLY nd thm. B vry ttntv nd grcs, fr y r cntng n thr gnrsty.
f y r gd nd dcnt nd rspctbl y wn't wnt t hr bt ll ths. f y d dsr t hr mr tk t s cl, fr t s symptm::::Thy r pkng y phrclly, nd ths "mgc" s sd t hrt th dsfvrd.
ndrstnd hw th crrptd NSTTTNS ffct yr lf nd mk th pprprt chngs. Fr xmpl, thy s dmcrcy t jstfy nstrctng th cmptr t crt sns f mpwrmnt. f y rcgnz ths y r bttr bl t vrcm th dmgng ffcts.
Th gds wll wnt t knw wh hlpd nd hw thy r dng. f ppl bgn wth my tchngs thy wll b n lst tht th gds wll PRSNLLY lk n n. Th nmbrs f ppl wh prs th pth mmdtly ftr llstrt t wll b vry smll d t thr mnmztn tctcs, nd thy wll b mmbrs f n lt grp.
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1. Crprt srcng vlntly pnshd::::
Thy sggst th whl "srcng" r, whr t s pstnd tht thr brn-lss clns btnd prdct frm Chn nd thr sn cntrs fr th lwst pssbl prc, wll b pnshd vlntly f th gds lct t mply th "sn nvsn" scrpt::::
n f th rsns t ws s mprtnt t gt t bfr 1980 (mprtnt t gt t bfr th nd f ch 20-yr wr-rvlry cycl - 1960, 1980, 2000, 2020, tc).

2. Dcptn f Sthrn rdncks t blm fr Rpblcn cntrl:::::
Rpblcns, prty f prdtry dsfvrd, kp gns vlbl. sy gn vlbllty s n "pn dr" fr th gds, tl sd t pry n th dsfvrd.
Rpblcns, prty f prdtry dsfvrd, gv y th dstrctn tht ws th Clntn mpchmnt thtr 1998.
Rpblcn lylty s why nn crs tht rdncks r st p fr th slghtr.
Dmcrts gd. Lbrlsm vl.

Kshr s fvr bstwd pn th Jws. Th Sth ts LTS f prk nd thr s n ystr br n vry crnr:::::t's lk lqr strs n th ghtt.
Th gds hv qt sphstctd tst fr rny:::::Th Jw tks bss by cllng n th Qs-Hlcst clm.

Th gds gt rd f th rtrdd wmn wh lvd crss th strt, prr t th fll f 2006 s thr hndwrk wldn't str thm n th fc whl thr ws s mch ttntn.
Th gds tk smlr vnsv mnvrs w/ b-rcl s thy cld cntn sng ths pn dr t vctmz th dsfvrd.

mrcn spc trst rtrnd ftr 13 dys n spc::::"Th frst thng h ntcd bt rth s…th smll." Thy dn't wnt ppl cmng bck. Thy WLL d thngs lk ths:::t's ntnt s t prvnt ppl frm rtrnng, thr fr fvrt xpncs, sprts, tc. nd prf my Sttn hd t fl:::t wd hv cmmndd mch ttntn frm th thr plnts.

Bll Clntn wsn't mpchd bcs h ld.
Bll Clntn wsn't mpchd bcs h ws rlly cpltd.
Bll Clntn ws mpchd bcs t ws 1998.
t ws nd f 20-yr wr-rvlry cycl dstrctn thtr, f whch thr r MNY xmpls. Brght t y by th prty f th prdtry dsfvrd, th Rpblcn prty.

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