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Monday, April 09, 2007



It's a great position to be in! JG must have really made an impression -- a credit to both of you. :)

We like the position, too. We're waiting for one last puzzle piece to head for the final decision line. Ironically, the university that turned Sticks down for their Jazz Studies program is the most persistent at trying to nail down a commitment from him. We did say no, or I should say, they did with the rejection.

The other two have wide-open arms for him. Throwing a strange twist into everything is the possibility that he could have a shot at touring with a show in the fall for decent $$$. Defer enrollment? I'm uneasy about for now we wait for the last piece of info and then hash it all out.

Hope JG is having a great time in Japan and you're having a nice quiet spring break.


I don't know why they bother. Yes JG is a great catch, but is she so easily swayed by their wooing?

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