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Saturday, April 28, 2007



Thanks for the shout-out and the links to all these other great posts.

Law and Order Teacher

Thanks for your post! I am in the process of reading your blog. At first blush I like your stand-up tendencies for women. I have a daughter who I have told many times don't take crap from anyone. I say to you, don't take crap from anyone!

Liz Ditz

I left out an important subgroup who need to be defended and/or spoken up about: autism researchers who cross the mercury militia:

Go read this post at Left Brain/Right Brain.

know of four scientists whom I have exchanged emails with who have been targeted by this same extreme group and who had:

1) Threats of property damage made against their homes and property
2) Threats of physical violence made against them
3) Been the victims of concerted email and telephone harassment campaigns to the point where security services have had to get involved
4) Had their associations with entities that merely sound like Pharma organisations misrepresented
5) Been accused, on no basis at all, of fraud

mens health

Instead, I suspect the most likely explanation is a utilitarian one: the principal didn't want to have to deal with potentially inappropriate costumes and the inevitable disciplinary and parental hassles that go along with that.

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