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Friday, April 27, 2007



Just one tiny sample of widespread problems parents encounter when they have the nerve to advocate for their child.

Charles Fox

The remarkable thing is that the police will even consider getting involved in a matter such as this. At worst it is an exercise in bad judgment but not the makings of criminal intent. It is so irksome that the police will readily intervene and push back on parents but are quite reluctant to come to the aid of parents or children when physical violence occurs from staff to child except when it is of a sexual nature and then only with clear evidence.

School personnel have no right to complain about parents not trusting them when they will resort to such retaliation. Moreover, the shortsightness of these actions have ramifications beyond this case and even beyond this school district that these officials simply do not take stock of which is most unfortunate

Liz Ditz

How parents with issues are viewed by schools

1 parent with an issue = A nutjob, thinks the school
2 parents with the same issue = A nutjob and a friend
3 parents with the same issue = A trio of troublemakers
5 parents with the same issue = “Let’s have a meeting”
10 parents with the same issue = “We’d better listen”
25 parents with the same issue = “Our dear friends”
50 parents with the same issue = A powerful organization

Dick Dalton

Wow. This whole deal is a lesson in how NOT to engender trust between a school and parent.

First off, the school employees making such stupid remarks. They basically cast judgement upon themselves for being insensitive clods. They have to go after the idea of an illegal taping because what they said was just so outlandish and cruel.

By going public, the parents sort of gave up their biggest bargaining chip. They demanded the firing of a bunch of employees which pretty much forced the system to circle the wagons. Now these parents can get services but no service provider is going to get too close or involved because of fear. Anyone who is fully qualified and trained won't want to put their neck on the block. Not that I blame the parents for their anger. I pretty much assume that the district thinks we're nutcases like Mr. Fox pointed out. It's what makes my job so secure; the last thing they want is a motivated parent with knowledge and time on his hands!


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