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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Gail Harrington

Just wondering who this is? We are still waiting for the tox reports. There is still a chance that it was not only alchohol that killed my son. Fowl play could have been a big part of it. People who provide alcohol to underage kids should be arrested and prosecuted! As far as I am concerned this should have been considered HOMICIDE!

Liz Ditz

July 19, 2007: Wausau Daily Herald, Online

Two Wausau men were cited this week in Wausau Municipal Court on accusations that they provided alcohol to underage drinkers at a May 4 party where a 20-year-old man died.

Peter Kope and Damian Snow, both 21, lived at 1508 N. Second St. in Wausau, where 40 to 50 people attended a drinking party, Wausau police said. Residents of the home found Joshua Harrington dead the next morning.

Although she acknowledged her son chose to drink, Gail Harrington of Mosinee thinks a more serious penalty should have been imposed.

"Joshua did make a mistake, but when they start buying alcohol for people underage and they are charging $5, it's a kick in the stomach," Gail Harrington said Wednesday.

Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel said the investigation revealed no criminal intent by those attending the party. He also said there was no reckless behavior on anyone else's part, based on definitions in criminal law. Detectives worked with the Marathon County District Attorney's office and both agencies decided not to file criminal charges, which would have more serious penalties than a municipal ordinance violation.

Kope pleaded not guilty and a pretrial conference was set for Aug. 9, court clerk Pam Fischer said. Snow did not appear in court, so he was found guilty and fined $172, she said.

A preliminary autopsy revealed Harrington had no blunt trauma or abnormal injuries, police said.

It has been particularly rough the last few months for the family, Gail Harrington said, including for one of her four sons who was friends with Charles Tabaka. Tabaka, 19, of Mosinee died July 8 and prosecutors think he suffered from a methadone overdose. Larry Pirillo, 34, of Wausau faces a felony drug charge after he was accused of providing the methadone pills.

"There are so many reminders day after day after day," Gail Harrington said. "Not a day goes by when I don't cry."

Again, my condolences.

Liz Ditz
Alcohol victim at 0.54% By Jeff Starck Wausau Daily Herald

The man who died after a May 4 drinking party in Wausau had a blood-alcohol level nearly seven times the legal limit for drivers, Marathon County Medical Examiner John Larson said.

Joshua Harrington, 20, was found dead the morning after the party by residents of the home, police said.

A toxicology report indicated Harrington's blood-alcohol content was 0.54 percent when he died, Larson said. Harrington's cause of death was the consumption of a lethal amount of alcohol, Larson said.

The state's legal maximum level of intoxication for motorists is 0.08 percent. Death from alcohol's sedative effects can occur at 0.4 percent, Larson said.

Peter Kope and Damian Snow, both 21, lived at 1508 N. Second St. in Wausau, where 40 to 50 people attended the drinking party, Wausau police said. They were issued municipal citations for allegedly providing the alcohol to underage partygoers. Kope pleaded not guilty this week, and a pretrial conference was set for Aug. 9, court clerk Pam Fischer said. Snow did not appear in court, so he was found guilty and fined $172, she said.

An investigation revealed no criminal intent or reckless behavior on anyone else's part, Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel said Wednesday. Marathon County District Attorney Jill Falstad said Thursday the circumstances at the party did not provide her grounds to file criminal charges.


God Bless the Harrington family. As with my brother's death (Charles - methadone death) I hope that someone can learn a lesson from this. The Harrington family are always in my prayers as well as those experiencing problems with alcohol or drug use. Just keep in mind that the death of Josh and Charles were unfortunate - and that there was so much more to the person than their death. Both were loving people who just made a mistake that they were unable to learn from. That is why I hope someone else does.

Gail Harrington

Unfortunatly there are many who have not learned from the deaths of Josh and Charles. Some people would rather blame them for their own deaths. What is the difference between someone willingly drinking and someone willingly taking pills? I see no difference at all. Both providers should be charged in the cases of both these untimely deaths. Some people are very cruel and mean with their words. Someday....they also will answer to THE one and only JUDGE. God. Then and only then will justice be served. This is my only hope. It won't happen here and now...but someday it will. My bible tells me so. It won't matter what people think then.

Gail harrington

Another death in Stevens Point. Another person willingly taking drugs...that killed him. His friend is being charged. Again I ask....what is the differnce between someone willingly taking illegal drugs or someone providing alcohol who is under age. Meaning under 21. There simply is no difference. But...nobody cares....

Gail Harrington

Anyone ever heard of the drug 2CI? I was told that this was put in my son's drink at the party he died at. If anyone knows anything about it please contact me. Thank u. Josh's mom


Gail I was told that it was tranq for Large animals I don't know if It's true or not but that is what I was told they are. I'm sorry about your son and I hope that you find out the truth. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that I can understand totally how you feel about the lose of your son. If you ever just need to talk i'm here for matter of the past..

Gail Harrington

I have not given up hope that someday the truth will come out...and it will...believe will

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