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Monday, July 02, 2007



Bratz dolls... they have a movie coming out this summer, and it looks awful, the very definition of stereotypical teen girl movie.


You think Bratz & Baby Bratz are bad -- have you seen their "Petz" line?

I did -- a Petz fox, in a display about a year ago. Imagine a plushie (stuffed toy animal) foxie, styled and accessorized just like a Bratz, posed as "presenting", i.e. forequarters low, hindquarters high, hind feet braced well apart, and tail hiked up out of the way.

My out-loud reaction was "That is the SKANKIEST vixen I have ever seen." (And with years in-country in furry fandom, I have seen a LOT of skank.)

Sherry (Redbud)

What a great list. I am so sick of the in-your-face, oversexed culture. I hope the negative reactions to all this causes some positive change. I do have to wonder about all the parents who bought the Bratz dolls to begin with.

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