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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Heather Lucca

I am in the midst of trying to start a lawsuit for Ivy Ridge. My son was there for almost TWO YEARS and received only ONE AND A HALF ACADEMIC CREDITS!!!!! I pulled him out after my mother died and we moved to another state, where I found this out, among MANY other very disturbing things. My son does not and never has behavioral problems, they lied to me about what they were. I was looking for a facility that could help him be more successful as a person diagnosed with ADD Executive Functioning Disorder, as he was struggling so bad and I was willing at that point to pay anything for him to have the help, structure, confidence and success he needed to succeed . . . when I called they told me the bulk of what they do is that, and it is all structure (as these children with this special need cannot focus and need help with that and organizational skills and all of that part of the brain,and my son is pretty extreme in that regard. I was shocked beyond my wildest dreams that he was amongst peers that had been in jail, troubled, etc.!!!! Not to mention, there were hardly if ever any teachers in the classrooms, they were just sat in front of a computer and left alone to "do it", and if they did'nt, because they needed help, had questions, or need help staying focused and on task like my son does, they were SOL!!!! My son is now so behind, almost two years because of Ivy Ridge, and he sunk into a deep depression, wanted to quit and give up, and I don't blame him! I HAD TO CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES, HAVE HIM PUT ON ANTI DEPRESSANTS SPENT THOUSANDS ON DOCTORS AND TUTORS TO TRY AND CATCH HIM UP TO WHERE HE WAS ACADEMICALLY AND MENTALLY BEFORE HE WENT TO IVY RIDGE!!! He is still way behind, not to mention his mere 1 and 1/2 credits he got in almost two years there, the school wouldn't even accept those because they said Ivy Ridge is not accredited, SO IT IS AS IF I SPENT $50,000.00 PER YEAR FOR HIM "NOT" TO GET HIS EDUCATION! I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!

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