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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Joel Sax

The sex ed part of this reminds me of a book I read in college about the failure of population control in India. The chief problem was that the small time Indian farmer could not be persuaded that birth control was a good thing. Farms needed big families is how he saw it or else he would end his day working like a donkey. The land got divided smaller and smaller, the number of people on the land increased, and yet there was no stopping the breeding of more farmers because they could not be made to see the value of small families.


I agree...I went to school there when I was 14 for 9 months and I am 20 almost 21 now and My husband has to wake me up from nightmares that I have from that school. I am so terrified of going back and I'm married and have a baby!

Rebecca Buzenberg

I also went to that school. October 2004-January 2005. I was sent there 4 months before my 18th birthday and the day I turned 18 I told them I wanted to leave and all I got was 20$ and a ride to the bus stop. I was homless in NY for 2 days until my parents came and got me. I still have nightmares about being there. The beatings "restraining" as they call it were horrible. I lived in fear every day I was there. It was the most emotionally damaging and tramatizing experience I have ever had. That school should be shut down and it's employess behind bars. I was not allowed to speak or go outdoors even once the entire time I was there.(outdoors also includes just looking out of windows)Ms. Cist(I think thats how you spell her name) should have a law suit filed against her for child abuse. I witnessed horrible things she would do to girls. I have at least one nightmare a week about that school and I am 22 years old now. I am terrified that I will wake up one day and still be in that prison.

Giovanni Licavoli

i also went to the academy at ivy ridge i went from 2004 to 2005 then my parents had to come get me cause i got kicked out i also went to eagle point and got kicked out of there for starting a riot but anyway i seen a
lot of bad things when i was at the academy at ivy ridge i seen staff beating kids i too got alot of bad memories from study hall to isolation to kids having sex with each other male on male it was just a screwed up place - Giovanni -

Z. Nosevich

Your [most of you] were obviously not long enough at the school to benefit from the program.
To begin with, "good kids" are not getting into this program - only kids who were unmanageable and parents were trying everything to save their kids from drugs, sex, and gangs...
I was one of those parents, and, to be honest, you all "worked hard" to get there! Do not play innocent victims!
If parent are not able to deal with one child at home, do you think it's easy to manage such a big group of people?!
AIR technique is a simple reality check: you need to work hard for everything you have and not take things for granted!
It worked for my daughter and saved her from real jail, and I am thankful for all they did. The AIR made my daughter stronger more matures and taught her to appreciate life and everything you have.
Not too long ago she told me: I learned to love Ivy Ridge and she thanks me often for carrying enough to send her there.

Brooke C

I agree that AIR helped me get my life together, but it was definately not the right place for me. A simple boarding school where we would still be treated with respect and have our own space would have worked just fine; we had no respect at AIR. We were constantly talked down on.

I got my period the first month I was there and never had it again. They made us eat all of our food, regardless of whether we were full, didn't like it, or were simply not hungry. That's ridiculous. We weren't allowed tampons, face wash, or any medications we were on prior to enrolling at the academy. It was a cult and I am so happy to see that they have been shut down.

karida dorsett

i was there and yes it help me, but it made me almost go crazy as well it was rediculous i had staff drag me and choke me now you know thats not right

Dewayne Beeler

i was there for 2 1/2 years. i arrived at the doors the day after my 13th birthday. i was a child trying to be a grown up. i am now 19 and living on my own. if you want to know the part of AIR that helped me its as simple as this, lorraine smithers listened. she was my family rep while i was there. i had maybe 2 dorm parents who really tried to help, the rest were there because it was a job.i can tell you that what these other students are talking about is true. ive seen beatings both from staff and student. it was a school run by humans acting as humans. many of the cases that the students had were simply that they needed to be heard. this place could have been avoided


It was the most horrible experience of my life!


I worked at AIR for about a year. I was night watch, became a dorm parent, and then went back to night watch. I have seen many restraints in my time, but never ones where the student was beaten. I have seen many students come in, some drugged out, others sexed out, others abused, and most with either false or no self-esteem. Most left the program before being able to reap the full benefits, but many of these wayward teens did learn (often the hard way) that everything they had before was a privilege.

As a dorm parent, I have NEVER restricted bathroom time or allowed a girl to stew in her bloody panties all day. That's disgusting. I have seen a girl pee herself, but she often did that -- she was that messed up that she couldn't control herself.

Some of the rules seemed stupid, like the tampon thing or the face wash thing. Unfortunately, they have had students try and kill themselves with both items. No, the place wasn't that bad, but many students also had problems with depression.

I don't understand how ANY of the students could have ended up pregnant or in a shower with semen on the walls, as there are VERY strict separations from the opposite sex. It's closed down now, anyway.

One of the things that SHOULD have been brought to people's attention were the horrible way the staff was treated. In my time there I was attacked by a student and all I was offered was the opportunity to get a tetanus shot (she bit and scratched me). That's the only time I did anything violent to a student, because she attacked me trying to get my key. As it was, I only kicked her to get her off of me (she was on top of me). The dorm parent staff worked 18-36 hour days at minimum wage. We were offered 8 hours to sleep (in a dorm room right next to the girls we looked after) and were often woken up to deal with problems. With those kinds of hours, I burned out after 6 months of being a dorm parent and went back to night watch.

Brandin Kenneth Sumrall

I went there for 9 months and three days they told me I was lying about my asthma and denied me my inhalers and if I could not perform during P.E. I got punished. The water was nasty there were white chunks in it for some reason. So many that we could get it to spin around in the water bottle an look like a tornado........ I also experienced diarea for three years after I left....... So much more I don't even want to talk about.......I was 12 and everyone was like 16 or 17 for the majority................if I see a comment on this I will give u contact information I have no problem helping in a legal battle against them ......... I don't know what goes on now but these sickos need to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi im officer leon of the columbus Police dept . i use to work at the academy as a dorm parent. i quite after 8 months because i didnt agree with how they were treating the kids. i try'd to treat them right but it was hard with george tulip looking over your shoulder. i try'd to help the kids who were going to be turning 18 on what they were going to do after AIR . i would talk to military recruiters and collages but when jason and george found out they threaten to fire me. the only way i could compare Ivy ridge to any thing is to a nazy Camp. the kid would have to do there school work on a computer and if they finish early they had to stare at the blank screen for hours with out looking away.

Sarah Thomas

I was there from 2004-2005? maybe dont really remember put that place behind me. I didnt agree with the way it was handled ever. I definitely remember being timed for showers and not having proper time to dry off, another contributing factor to the female stank, being force to eat food in 5-10 mins i went in at 120 lbs at my biggest was 250- now back down to 140, being timed for the bathroom not healthy and all medical problems were addressed by drink water. I think staff should be ashamed of themselves if they think this treatment was ok. Although i must say that there were some helpful staff that helped ,me through and so that comment is not directed to all staff. You know who u are, the ones who truly cared about making a difference in our lives and for that we thank you. the rest of u can eat one.

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