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Friday, September 21, 2007



This is funny. The crockus? for real? Or is was the originator making some kind of a joke, like "Some people say the crockus is much bigger in boys than girls, or is it the other way around" meaning that "some idiots say . . ."


OK, I followed some of your links and am flabbergasted. This is for real? This guy gets to educate real teachers, who get to work with real kids?

Joel Sax

That's as in "crockus sh*t"?


First, I must tell you that a professor of mine showed Dr. Hodgins and his findings in our college childhood development class. The context was simply that boys and girls are different and therefore it is not in the best interest of the individuals education to have a structure on education that does not address the differences in decoding and behavior. I am a teacher in special education at an elementary school. Boys outnumber girls with behavioral and emotional disorders by 5 to 1. This at least shows that something is going on within the structure of school and culture to account for this disparity.

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