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Saturday, October 20, 2007



I can't believe I missed that, Dumbledore being gay! But guys can love guys and not be gay, and I'm so naive that I don't think sexual orientation when I think love.

But maybe the bigger issue is that he couldn't be out (or did I miss something) because maybe even at Hogwarts he'd never have made headmaster.


Don't know the series, but I can just hear the outrage from the Fundamentalist community. Another reason to consider Harry Potter to be the work of the Devil!

I'm with therapydoc: love doesn't necessarily mean sexual attraction, but then I am a bit of a freak in not thinking on these things using my testicles.


I've read your post over a few times now and I'm not sure how you're connecting JK Rowling's revelation that Dumbldeore was gay and his family relationships.

Liz D.

What I said to Therapydoc & Joel:

The older I get (I'm 55 now) the more I realize how many ways there are to be parental. Or generative. Or erotic.

In the Harry Potter Universe, we meet Dumbledore well into late adulthood -- had he had children, he would most likely have been the the grand-parent class, not actively parenting.

I'm not particularly Freudian, but the concept of "sublimation" seems apropos relative to Dumbledore's career.

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