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Wednesday, October 10, 2007



Wow, the marketers are getting clever. The braingym website has a long pdf of research studies, including a quasiexperimental and experimental designs, to support its claims.

These all seem to be unpublished or published in such esteemed journals as "Brain Gym Journal" and "Brain Gym Magazine" (next, they'll learn not to give their self-produced periodicals such obvious names).


Wow. Sometimes science needs to be a bit more elastic. My child is living proof that brain gym makes a difference. I see it with my own eyes every time she walks into the O.T. Brain Gym clinic here.. she leaves a different person. It is the best $90 I spend, and it's unfortunate that "scientists" poo-poo a program that DOES help some children, and DOES make a difference, even though science cannot seem to measure that difference. My child's brain CHANGES in 1 hour to the extent that she can communicate- calmly, rationally.. and can actually make eye contact with me for a time afterward. Brain Gym changes her life.

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