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Monday, October 15, 2007


michelle harris

He was my best friend && I love him so much && I miss him so bad I really hate Allen 4 doing that because He was told not 2 buy the alchol I grew up with Cory && My Dad bought my house from his Grandfather Wayne McNiece but maybe it was his time 2 go we will see him again 1day i love you Cory Tucker R.I.P C.D.T 4.9.91-9.23.07

virginia proctor

I am the sister of Allen and i just wanted to say that i am very sorry about the death of corey tucker. I have two beautiful kids of my own and i couldnt imagine losing one of them. Allen is to blame but also the parents are. All those boys drink on a regular basis and got high everyday. Read all the statements Allen was a sleep when corey got the liquor.


cory was a close friend of mine,as was Allen.Allen loved cory,he would nvr have hurt him on purpose.Although,yes,he is to blame for purchasing the liquor,cory drank it...i know the truth behind wats in the news paper,wat happens and or happened in the nieghborhood on a day to day basis,but still i miss them both dearly.


Allen is not to blame yes he did buy the liquor but he was asleep when Corey got it. Most of these kids and adults are trash and they deserve to be were allen is today. Allen i love you and i am behind you a 100 percent.


Thank you Jessica for what you said

cassie daniels

I have known cory and his family for years, i datd his cousin travis for four years and his mom starla is marring my dad. we grew up on the same road as kids. i love u cory and i think about u all the time ill see u again one day


I'm sorry for everyone's loss. This is just so sad to hear from all of you. Who could imagine a child from dying as a result of alcohol overdose? This is just shocking for me.

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