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Thursday, October 11, 2007



Blimey - you sure told them! Not a woman to cross.
Best wishes as always [maybe you should change radio stations!]

Gil Gross

I would have responded sooner, but this was forwarded to me and did not appear in my e-mail, possibly because of a hypersensitive Spam filter that seems to also take out letters from friends and even people who aren't.
What I said was a reference to how so many grandparents reacted when people [at least many of my friends] came out of the closet.
It isn't my feeling, and as you may know I had a representative of the transgender community on the show just a few days before as we talked about Barney Frank's deciding to exclude them for now from the bill that would protect the rights of gays, lesbians and transgender people in the workplace.

It was not said out of ignorance of the many such families with children and grandchildren, but as a fleeting reference to the first reaction that many people get in that situation [yes, fewer and fewer thank God, but in 3 cases I went along to support friends as they came out and believe me the Grandchild line was tragically mild in 2 of those cases. Not every place is the Bay Area].

I have always supported gay parenting and adoptions. If what I said, out of the context of my life and career, led you to think otherwise, that's a shame. There's no reason you would know who I am, and I can easily see how the line would lead you to such a conclusion. On the other hand, I'm never going to put myself in a mode where I don't recognize, own up to or talk about the mixed feelings people have about any subject. The show will always be open to that even when it's uncomfortable.

I'm glad you wrote. I'm sorry it didn't get to me directly. It should have. Future shows about gay couples or singles bringing up children will continue to come up as stories whenever they are newsworthy and such families will have my support both on and off the air as they have all my adult life, though not as an immediate mea culpa for something said lightly, though I understand how heavily it may have weighed upon you and possibly others.
When there is legislation or other matters that would invite a show, I invite you to let me know, including calling me directly at the office at KGO.



with out a sense of humor we as a PC nation is a scary thing.


That was a nice email posting from Gil. I'm going to miss him on KGO.

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