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Saturday, November 17, 2007



Hmmm sounds eerily familiar. I shall have to check it out.

Bradley Schiff

Jenny McCarthy exposed for her weirdo beliefs: Try looking at her Indigo Mom or Children of the Earth sites, if they haven't been taken down. This chick is way whacked. Not only is she a disgrace to every parent raising a truly autistic child, but she's a new age freak. Yes, I said it. A freak. A fraud. If she wasn't a celebrity, nobody would give her the time of day. And not to forget her child is what, five years old, and she claims to have had "her ass kicked' by this disorder. Honey, you haven't had your ass kicked, you need your ass kicked. Get over yourself. First, you kid, sweet and precious as he is, doesn't appear autistic. More like he suffered, God bless him, a few seizures that thwarted his development. That doesn't equal autism. Nor does this brief interlude in your rather expolitive life with autism qualify you for a spokesperson for such a complex and serious disorder. You aren't doing anyone a favor by parading around like you know something. Where is you kid half the time? With a nanny? Hello. You haven't been in the trenches lady. So don't dare to presume you're speaking for thousands of parents who have truly autistic children and have gone through hell. Your on year three and already, you've got a book, your'e making a movie, you're on the talk shows....who the hell are you fooling here? And don't get me started on your new age beliefs! Thinking we are evolving and all that crap. How interesting you don't say that when you're in front of autism community. Oh honey, honey. You've lost your way. And now, it seems you've lost your mind. Hijacking the autism disorder for your sweet son to promote yourself is pathetic.

Thomas D. Taylor

There are many GOOD ways to inform people and bring attention to autism.

Midnight In Chicago does it with their Autism Spectrum Podcasts at where people can hear the "Autism and Vaccines: Parts I & II" podcasts.

The podcasts quote sources which may be much more accurate than Ms. McCarthy's opinion.

MIC also has the "Countdown to Midnight" CD that sends proceeds to reputable autism charities.

Spread the word. It is important we get the FACTS out on autism.


Jenny McCarthy is another Hollywood attention whore. On her Opera appearance, she claimed that it took only five minutes to diagnose her son. In reality, it takes years to officially diagnose due to the tests and screenings involved. She truely is pathetic. While you and I probably don't see eye-to-eye, we both agree that she has no buisness in being a spokesperson for parents of autistic individuals. She even believes that there is no such thing as autistic adults. She would do anything for publicity. On the Howard Stern show, she wet herself on air. She needs to grow up.


I agree. Jenny McCarthy is a fraud. Her son does not seem autistic to me or others with aspergers who are around a lot of persons with autism....I suggest checking out videos on youtube under the search, "autism and self injurious" or "autism and seizures" to see what real autism can look like.....I don't see any Hollyweird on these videos...


Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy break up? Carrey attacks Tiger Wood's wife? Is anyone surprised? Jim Carrey is blinded by his own failure to see Jenny McCarthy cheating the world about her son’s autism! Jenny McCarthy couldn’t even handle her own son’s seizure disorder/ She had to turn it into a money making adventure for herself! She hijacked the autism label, though her child, according to even Time Magazine, probably NEVER had autism. This chick is perhaps one of the most manipulative bimbos to ever infiltrate the autism community. RUN Jim. Run. You deserve much better! This moron McCarthy is out of your league. She’s only with someone so long as they can bring her something. Too bad she isn’t in it for her son, who spends most his time with nannies, while Jenny gets facials, massages, has a personal trainer, driver, bodyguard, talant agency, stupid lying publishers and parasite professionals who feign they know something about autism, the autism her son never had. This is such a JOKE! No disprespect to her son. He’s a doll. But he never had autism. No, Jenny, no matter how many faces you wear, you will NEVER FOOL the people who live with real faces of autism. You are a disgrace. How dare you USE the autism community and pretend you know something from your google searches and then infuse these midnight cigarette smoking escapades into convincing stupid, obtuse media that you are autism. You don’t know a damn thing about real autism. You have stolen the lives and stories of others and given a very very abstract version of your own son’s “alleged” autism to the public. SHAME on you. You should be exposed by those who care about ethics and truth in media.

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