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Tuesday, December 18, 2007



this is all absolutely true!

My son was sent to a few places, one in particular where he was confined to a chair 8 hours/day, for a violation of a weekend visit (minor) and had 1/2 hr break in 8 hours and this went on for 8 weeks.
He was denied access to call me or his dad
all calls were supervised by a therapist and she and he dismissed complaints and concerns we expressed.

one physician was the only psychiatrist for 150 students and he was part owner of the facility. He spent 1/2 day a week to treat all these kids. He failed to treat my child appropriately and he now suffers severe PTSD among other issues related to his experience - very angry at myself and his dad that we placed him there.
I want a name of an attorney who sues there facilities. They are a sham and travesty!
This one was in Utah.
Can you help.

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