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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Dave Chase


I have appreciated your comments on the SunValleyOnline (SVO) blogs as you clearly have some great experience with blogging. It's even better that you have started to do some blogging on SVO. I'm curious what your advice would be to ignite more blogging. I know for a fact that there are a whole array of people who have thought about blogging on SVO but have held off to date. One subset of that group, I have learned, is technology challenged so I plan on having a Blogging 101 session.

The other challenges I hear or perceive are as follows:
1. They are somewhat fearful of flamers, trolls, etc.
2. Sun Valley has an older demographic and many simply are used to media being 1-way vs. something they can actively drive or participate in via their own blogs
3. Of course, time commitment is an obstacle in some minds feeling they'll have to closely monitor the blogs.
4. We have a relatively small population so there's simply a smaller pool of people to draw upon

I'd love to hear your thoughts and those of your audience here or I'm happy to receive email at dave -at- sunvalleyonline [dot] (com).


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