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Thursday, January 24, 2008



ARghhhhhhhhhhh.. I was sort of looking forward to the pilot of Eli Stone. I am so sick of McAutism. Thanks for the quick links to ABC.

justice for auties

It's McMercuryism that I am sick of; not auties.

Liz Ditz

Thanks for the comment, JfA!

My pal JennyAlice, who commented just previous to you, uses "McAutism" to refer to curebies and the mercury militia. She's devoted to her non-verbal boy.

Just thought you'd want to know.

Liz Ditz

Kristina has a post on this issue:

But should the show run? The American Academy of Pediatrics, in understandable concern about the misinformation that Eli Stone might spread about a link between autism and vaccines, has sent a letter to ABC executives and requested that the show be cancelled. If the show still runs as scheduled, the AAP has requested that a disclaimer be run that there is no scientific link between vaccines and autism.

Go read.

Liz Ditz

More from Kristina

Liz Ditz

And more from NeuroLogica (via Orac)

I am all for freedom of speech and artistic expression. However, the AAP letter, and criticism of the ABC show in general, do not amount to censorship, and certainly have no bearing on the first amendment. They are a call for responsibility in the media. Shouting the equivalent of “vaccines are dangerous poison” to millions of viewers is definitely the same as shouting “fire” in a crowded movie house. It is the very definition of how freedom of speech is limited by responsibility to avoid causing harm to others.

Good work.


Eli Stone was wonderful. I am so happy that this is getting mainstream attention. Regardles sof any autism connection vaccines are dangerous! Parenss need to be aware.

Liz Ditz

"Vaccines are dangerous!"

Now if that isn't an ignorant, dangerous opinion, I don't know what is.

Vaccines are more dangerous than polio?

Vaccines are more dangerous than tetanus?

Vaccines are more dangerous than pertussis (whooping cough)?

I could go on, but Tiffany's unsubstantiated comment is just downright silly.

Liz Ditz

Here's Tiffany's end to her blog post on the Eli Stone show:

Edit to add: BTW it seems many people are searching this topic so they can leave nasty comments about stupid people who don’t vaccinate. If you get the inclination to post something like that…it will be deleted!

Let me translate:

DON'T bother my little mind with FACTS! My mind is made up.


I came to this site through a comment left at Nature Moms blog and I have to say this post was hard to read. It frustrates me that you say that people who believe there is a connection between vaccines and autism (or other harmful conditions) are ignorant. Before my son was born I had done no research on vaccinations and thought that all kids should be vaccinated no matter what or else there parents are stupid. Talk about ignorant! That was ignorant. When I got pregnant I decided that I should probably read a little more about what was going to be put in my son's little body and why. I also did a lot of research on brain development and how a baby's body works. After reading reasons for and against vaccinations I made the educated decision to not vaccinate my child. That is NOT ignorant. Getting your child vaccinated because someone tells you to or only researching one side of the issue is ignorant. If you do ALL of the research and decide to go ahead and vaccinate your child then I respect that. But I do not respect people who take a side without looking into all sides and all cases.

As for the autism/vaccine issue, despite the research denying the connection I am still not sure what I believe. This is because a close friend of mine had a normal thriving child until he received the MMR vaccine and then everything changing. He started slipping backwards in development instead of forward. Despite research unexplainable things happen. Maybe it is the shot maybe it is something else. I think that more studies need to be done to really conclude anything.

I applaud ABC putting such a topic on the air. Maybe now more parents will actually do the research instead of taking other people's word.

Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. National Op/Ed Columnist

February 7th, 2008 - Thursday

I find the 'Fear Factor' applied on children having to have vacccinations from everything from A to Z is a bit off the charts. Surely there are some vaccinations needed but to think every vaccination is safe to have, goes beyond reality.

To realize the causes for Autism being a real factor in our society today is no joking matter nor is it cause to call for a TV Program Eli Stone on ABC Network to be cancelled only because it has brought public attention to the 1 in 166 children coming down with Autism is no joking matter.

The sad joking matter is when a group of 'Pharmacy Companies' back a bunch of propaganda and ignore Autism v. Vaccine to possibly be the cause for many issues facing Autism today. We are living in a society today that has no clue to the results of every vaccination nor to ever question what our children face from every vaccination.

Surely there are vaccinations that have been proven to be safe. Flu Shots and Penumonia Vaccinations have been proven safe for everyone unless you are alergic to eggs. No one gets the 'Flu' from the 'Flu Vaccination'. One can be exposed to the 'Flu' which takes 2 weeks to appear and in the time they get the shot and were already exposed to someone with the 'Flu' then think they got the Flu from the shot.

We can surely not live in a society that lives under a rock and accepts every vaccination to be true and tested and causes no harm. We have had many medications and vaccinations put on the market that after thousands have suffered grave illnesses and even death to then realize it was not safe. If we do not question and be educated as a society, then we are not only putting our children at risk, we are putting the future of our country at risk. If one can not do the research how can you ever understand the results after the fact? Don Imus and his wife have been a major public relations firm in spreading the word of the dangers of having children receiving every type of vaccination. They have brought public awareness to the dangers of vaccinations and the concerns of what autism is occuring in our society at an alarming rate.

When you buy a car or house you surely research the safety factors. Would you buy a car that has a high rate of death in accidents? When buying a house you surely have it inspected by an expert to find out there are no code violations and it has a solid foundation. The question then appears, why would you automatically accept any vaccination to be safe on blind faith or acceptance without first counsulting several doctors? There will always be those who allow to have their childs sleeve rolled up and allow them to have any vaccination. Then for some there will always be parents who realize we only get this one body in this life time. Food for thought? Just because it looks like a balanced meal on a plate does not mean the food is not loaded with every chemical to have produced such a well balanced looking plate of food. Enjoy your dinner?

Note on Author: Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. has been a well known National Op/Ed Columnist for serveral years. He has been published in national and state newspapers and many national magazines and web sites on health and medical issues facing permanently paralyzed and disabled law enforcement officers and agents.

Arne P. Ryason

Who are the "panel of experts" and where can I find the data they reviewed?
Oh, but the cute picture of the little girl .... Why do I need evidence when my emotions are enough?

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