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Sunday, January 06, 2008



You should have heard DG when I showed her the video. She was truly astounded that anyone could be quite that self-centered and banal. Despite her own 'sphere of glitz', she remains real about what it all means to a fault (nothing). She was shocked at some of the comments both mother and daughter made, especially the one about popular kids succeeding.

Even if it was scripted and the homework thing was exaggerated, they had no problem approving it for the world to see as it was. And as they say, the majority of it was true.

Gawd, what's next? Maybe a parenting book?


This episode absolutely blew my mind. This is the most out of touch with reality family I have ever seen. What kid doesn't get help with their projects?? Me. I didn't. You want to be a dentist?? Good luck little girl.. First of all, you have to go to COLLEGE to be a dentist. You would never make it through college. You have to be independent. and intelligent. and think for yourself. Are your parents going to move with you to college?? And why receive a gift everyday? Don't you appreciate what you already have. Here's an idea...why not donate to charity? There is nothing wrong with caring for the way you look, but there is a thing called EDUCATION and believe me, the girls from the other family will go way further in life with their education with your daughter and her dillusioned view of the real world. Why be nice to servers at resturaunts? How about because they are people. You do not need another reason.


i saw nothing wrong with alicia,except for being a cheerleader,i live exactly like she does.and trust me,beauty has taken me way farther than education has :)

The Frontdesk

well LB i feel just as sorry for you as i do for Alicia. You are ignorant and nieve, and as soon as you start to get saggy and wrinkly you are going to realize how pathetic your existence is.


If Alicia is banking on her good looks, good luck. She really isn't that attractive--- really-- not ugly, but not that hot. She is a fabrication of too much makeup, airbrushed photos and soft camera lenses. I envision her as a 30-something smoking cigarettes and roaming around her house in a robe all day long.


This partially explains how the Guastaferro's have money to spend on little Alicia: At least according to the article, they could be facing jail time for failure to pay taxes and money laundering. Nice.


And now she's sueing ABC about making up the present a-day thing. Funny how someone can alter their own reality for the purpose of a lawsuit.


See how perky little Alicia is when mom and dad are doing hard time or they have to pay off their court judgments. Reality for her is going to be a bitch.


I was left feeling sorry for Alicia.

First of all, even with all the cosmetic enhancements she is not very pretty. Yet she is living in a world where beauty is everything. That alone is very sad.

And no one wants to really acknowledge her learning disabilities. She can hardly talk and has a third grade education.

This little girl is never going to be happy and that's really unfortunate.

She needs a reality check, not a check from the network.


I feel bad for Alicia. Not because of how she lives, because of all the people who are constantly judging her without actually knowing her. A reality TV show isn't 100 real. I could make up a rumor right now about her, and anyone could believe it. You guys need to stop watching reality TV shows and get your own life, stop getting so "worried" about a girl, that you don't even know. It's non of your business.


I am clara now ten and this was all real

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