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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


John Fryer

If David Kirby had ONE shred of suspicion that mercury was not causing autism he would be the first to admit it.

I don't call that biased.

I also am looking for that one SHRED.

But I am not a journalist.

I am a chemist with 40 years of experience of advanced analytical chemistry and the ability to read and UNDERSTAND what chemistry has to tell us about THIMEROSAL.

Trained in INORGANIC CHEMISTRY that's knowing a little about for example MERCURY compounds!

And bluntly THIMEROSAL at mcg levels:

IT AIN'T GOOD NEWS for children when they get vaccinated with it.

If you survive ALIVE you have WON round ONE

Would you catch me taking what we give to these kids? NO NO NO It's MANSLAUGHTER.

John Fryer MSc BSc MRIC PGCE

John Fryer

Not BIASED but for me FRAUDULENT are peer reviewed papers that EXCUSE mercury and EXCUSE vaccines in general from causing complications ranging from sudden death, asthma, MS, diabetes, Guillaine Barre Syndrome etc etc etc.

When a paper shows correlation of vaccines with MS and more recent papers show no such relationship then one of the two is by definition FRAUD.


John, you are correct, there is fraud out there. The linkage of mercury and autism is based on fraud, not science.

Look at this paper on the incidence of autism in the Faroe Islands.

Then look at this paper on the mercury levels in those same children at birth.

The inter quartile mercury level for 996 children at birth was 13.1 to 40.4 micrograms/L cord blood.

That is 65.3 to 201 nanoMoles/L. That means that ¾ of those 996 children had blood levels greater than 65.3 nM/L and ¼ had levels greater than 201 nM/L.

That would be 747 children with cord blood mercury levels above 65 nM/L and 249 with levels above 201 nM/L.

Do you know how many of those children had autism? The cohorts tested do overlap but not exactly. In the years where mercury testing occurred, 1404 children were born and 996 of them were tested for mercury at birth. Of those 1404 children, there were 2 cases of autism and 3 cases of Asperger’s.

So tell me, how can so many children be exposed to so much mercury and develop so little autism? Hmmm, seems to me the only explanation is that mercury doesn’t cause autism.

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