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Saturday, February 16, 2008



resounding applause!

In this day and age of research, one common theme continues to emerge: Vaccinations do not cause autism.

Those who claim it does based on anecdotal evidence are the ones contributing to the dumbing-down of this country by rejecting science in favor of stories and folk-tale fantasies.

Well done.


my son suffered a seizure and subsequent brain damage after recieving the Dtap. I have to care for a mentally retarded child for the rst of my life (one who was completely normal before the shot). Do you know how badly I wish I could take it back???? I'll take measles over brain damage anyday. And vaccines are not 100% effective, you're being lied to. Look at India where they are vaccinating some people up to 13 times each against polio and they're still contracting the disease.

Deaths rates from these diseases were on the steady decline LONG BEFORE vaccines were even introduced. That's a historical fact- go look it up.

Liz Ditz

Merxxx, I am sorry that your child is impaired. But no medical procedure is 100% risk-free.

No one is arguing that vaccines are 100% effective. Take the case of pertussis (whooping cough) -- it is thought that immunity from pertussis conferred by the DTaP wanes after 10-12 years, resulting in outbreaks centered on high schools, as happened in Palo Alto in 2006.

As far as India "some people up to 13 times", I think you are mixing up "vaccination drives" -- concerted efforts to vaccinate segments of the population -- with individuals being vaccinated multiple times.

Polio is so resistant to eradication in this part of India because of the combination of extreme poverty, poor sanitation and the high population density. Such conditions facilitate transmission of the virus and compromise the efficacy of the oral vaccine.

In 2005, India moved away from its exclusive reliance on traditional trivalent oral polio vaccine and started using monovalent oral vaccines, which target either of the remaining two serotypes – type-1 and type-3. These newer vaccines are more efficacious per dose and boost immunity faster than trivalent vaccines.

The following year, however, another outbreak of type-1 polio occurred in India, again in western Uttar Pradesh, following a decline in vaccination coverage. From there, it spread quickly throughout the state and beyond. By the end of the year, 648 confirmed cases of type-1 polio had been declared throughout India.

The government of India embarked on an intensified vaccination strategy in western Uttar Pradesh and the neighbouring Bihar state at the start of 2007. By mid-September Bihar had already conducted 10 vaccination campaigns – a higher level of polio vaccination activity than anywhere else in the world.

This September, the eighth vaccination round was conducted in Moradabad. On the first day of the campaign 604 294 children were immunized at 3445 booths across the Moradabad district. By the end of the round a week later, 946 082 children had been immunized through the district.

Here is what Medline has to say about the DTap vaccine:

Moderate to serious reactions are uncommon. They may include:

* Non-stop crying for more than 3 hours (1 in 1000 children)
* Fever over 105 degrees (1 in 16,000 children)
* Seizures (1 in 14,000 children)

Severe reactions are extremely rare, but may include severe allergic reaction such as breathing difficulties and shock. Such reactions occur in less than 1 per 1,000,000 children. Long-term seizures and brain damage are so rare that the association with vaccine is questionable.

Mark C. Chu-Carroll, in the comments on this blog post, wrote:

Don't want your child to become a statistic? Which route seems safer? The vaccine, with a one or two chance in a million of complications? Or the infection, with risks in the 1 in 100 range?

Another of Chu-Carrol's commentors wrote

The acceptance of vaccination is a form of Social Contract Theory [Locke et al.] in the area of Public Health. One gives up certain rights, which in this case, is the acceptance of the small possibility of negative side effects, for the greater social good of herd immunity. Social Contract Theory has certainly had a long history in our society, with the benefits to the many being much greater than the restrictions placed on the few.

Having a special-needs child is difficult. I am not minimizing your family's suffering in any way. I am saying that the public benefits of very small private risks are part of being a civil society.

Liz Ditz

A twelfth child is ill with measles, also a student at SDCCS.

Measles Outbreak Report February 20 2008

This is a child that has been on home quarantine since the outbreak began, so there is no risk to the general public, as the child has been home during the infectious period,” said Dr. Wilma Wooten, the county's public health officer.

Twelve children – ages 10 months to 9 years – have contracted measles since an outbreak in San Diego started early this month, according to the HHSA. Two other suspected cases of measles are awaiting confirmation.

Eight of the measles cases originated from the Cooperative Charter School, while another four stemmed from the Children's Clinic in La Jolla, according to county health officials.

Additionally, there are about 70 children on home quarantine, according to the HHSA.


Thanks for this post, Liz. It's about time people started speaking out against the willfully uninformed segment of the population that refuses to participate in protecting us all against preventable infectious diseases.


So - these children acquire NATURAL immunity from getting measles and will NEVER have to worry about getting them again. There hasn't been any deaths or further complications --- and the problem is???? You have obviously bought into the media/drug company hype about vaxes and drugs being the only way to health....or maybe the real truth is that you have been bought!!!


You are an unintelligent person. If an unvaccinated child did contract measles or mumps, and exposed your child to it...isn't your child vaccinated? Isn't your child "immune"? What are you worried about? You seem 100% confident in your vaccines. Or are you? Think. Think think think.

Or don't think. There's a good sheep.


I'll take the natural way any day! 1 in 1,000,000 REALLY?? So if that is true then why within 12 - 72 hours after having MMR do we have deaths and autistic children? Does that not count for brain damage????????? Shouldn't the number go up???? 1 in every 166 boy

So let me get this straight:
12 - 72 hours after shot
healthy 15 month old boy

MOM: doctor my son is screaming and has been for 4 hours
DOCTOR: it's just a reaction from the shot
MOM: doctor my son has a fever of 105
DOCTOR: it's just a reaction from the shot
MOM: 911 my son is dead (or has autism)
DOCTOR: it's not the shot
Do you think the doctor called that in for severe reaction?
The severe reaction statistics 1 in 1,000,000 should be 1 in 166. If it happened to your child you would think twice about what people get paid to tell you to do.
How about feed our children good food so their bodies can fight off the infection. It's so much easier to let the doctor play God than take control over our own children.
So will your child be in line for the cocaine vaccine? Yes cocaine. You know your child will be a cocaine user so when it comes out you better be the first in line. Because so many people overdose on it. I am not kiding this shot will make your child unaddicted to cocaine. Because you got the one for sex, your daughter will be having sex by the age of 13. Mark my words vaccines are not done yet. They are working on them right now and plotting and waiting for the right time to bring it out.
Those people will not touch my children.

So is it 1 in 1,000,000 or 1 in 166 think about it!


I just love how the pro-vax community, love to run there pie holes. That is the one beauty of this country freedom speech. The other is that we have the right to make an informed choice on our children’s safety.
It’s so refreshing to here their true compassion for those families that have lost a child to vaccinations! Oh sorry but but, but, but whatever. You feel nothing for these families, and if you want to believe it or not there are very dangerous side affects. You can down play them all you want. Someone please crunch the numbers for them on vaccine injured children yearly, or children harmed by outbreaks yearly. What is the greater number? Oh but that doesn’t count because, because, because whatever!
In closing I do care about your children! I wouldn’t harm them by not vaccinating, but you have to respect my rights as well I have respected yours. My child was just one of those oops to you people that you want to sweep under the rug, but the fact is she would still be here if I would have not vaccinated! I would also suggest if you don’t like my freedoms to choose to vax or not vax. Move my rights are protected, no matter how much you fear mongers lie that will never change.

c lo

I couldn't even read your post. Once you accept that it's not about fear, it's about education, then I can begin to consider that you have a valid point. Until then, until you see me as a rational, thinking, educated parent, I can't even begin to think you are actually the same.

Liz Ditz

Update, March 2010:

The San Diego outbreak, which Seward said was quickly and aggressively contained by the public health department, cost about $177,000 to get under control. Those costs include direct medical charges, the cost of quarantining those exposed, plus the expense of state and county personnel involved in containing the outbreak

I wasn't vaccinated against Measles, Mumps or Rubella - the vaccine wasn't available when I was a child. I've had all three illnesses and I really can't understand why people are so hyped up and scared about them. It was normal for kids to get these illnesses when I was a child - you got a couple of weeks off school and, once you recovered, you had lifelong immunity (not so with vaccines). I never heard of anyone having complications - not one ... not even a rumour of someone - and this was at a time when almost every kid I knew at some point contracted these illnesses. Apart from anything else, if you have been vaccinated then why on earth would you be concerned about someone else not being vaccinated? Surely, you'd be immune already ... right?

Liz Ditz

GMC166 trots out the "infectious disease isn't that bad" and "I never heard of complications so there weren't any" tropes.

To quote Kim Wombles , in today's post on measles spread by air travel

I'm going to think you're either intentionally ignorant, callous to the suffering and deaths of children from vaccine preventable diseases, or both.

GMC166, there is a reason why Roald Dahl's oldest child could never say "I had measles and I am okay." There are lots of others who cannot say they had those diseases and are fine. Something happened to prevent them from ever speaking or writing.

Can you tell us why?

Ross Coe

Chris it sounds like you are describing autistic children. The much anticipated and heralded Genome Project reported that the children and families they studied showed the autistic children had genetic mutation that did not originate with their parents. Proving in these subjects that autism isn't inherited. So what happened to these children between birth and 3 years to cause genetic mutation? Did they sleep too much? Soil too many diapers? Drink too much breast milk? Cuddled too much? Seems unlikely these cause autism. How about something unnatural like injecting vials containing toxins and genetic material from viruses and animals? How about circumventing the child's tried and true immune system by injecting straight into their immature tiny bodies? How about including mercury and aluminum in these vials, which are neuro-toxic and endocrine disrupting, and shown to cause spontaneous geneticd mutation? How about doing this during a period of development that should not be hampered by toxins of any sort to avoid polluting the process? How about selling a faulty and fraudulent product and having no qualms about outcome except how much profit was made of how much it costs to settle lawsuits?


Ross Coe, exactly how does asking about why Roald Dahl's oldest daughter cannot say "I had measles and I am okay" be construed as describing autism?

Do you even know who Roald Dahl was? Or why his daughter, Olivia, lost her voice when she was seven years old? I suggest you find that out. Do tell us how it describes autism, I really want to know.

"How about selling a faulty and fraudulent product and having no qualms about outcome except how much profit was made of how much it costs to settle lawsuits?"

Six people have been hospitalized in Minnesota due to measles. How many MMR vaccines could be given for the cost of those hospitalizations?


"So what happened to these children between birth and 3 years to cause genetic mutation?"

Where did they suggest it happened between birth and 3 years?


I don't think we will see Mr. Coe again. It seems he has a habit of coming to old threads and post that same exact bit of gibberish, and never returning.

I sincerely doubts he understands why Olivia Dahl cannot tell her experience with measles, and why it has nothing to do with autism. For those who do care: her mother explains why, and how it affected her father.


Infant mortality rate of US children under 5 ranks 34th. No relationship to being number 1 in the world in number of vaccinations under 5?


No. It has mostly to do with lack of insurance for those who have low income, and the difference in definition of live birth versus still birth.

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