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Friday, March 07, 2008



Even the father of this child is not anti-vaccination. He did say that he thought it was worth being careful. I'm not sure what that meant, but this decision seems to be a splitting of the baby and muddying of the issue to me. They don't admit any causation, but admit a relationship? It's just weird.


ABSOLUTELY there is a link between vaccines and autism, especially when a child gets the vaccines and has a "leaky gut" and a low immune system. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, S.C.D., is THE SOLUTION!!!! Look into it for ALL the Children!!!!!


Thank you for putting these links together. It's handy to have something to point people to (like my mother-in-law, argh).I wish these sorts of responses got as much press as the initial verdict, but that would be too easy.

Y. Jacobs

I guess the formaldehyde, aluminum, animal cells, etc., in the vaccines just cannot have lasting health repercussions for babies who have yet to develop an immune system, before they're shot up with known carcinogens.

It's also funny how parents who choose not to vaccinate are considered uninformed, derelict, etc., and how people, until the destruction visits their home and their children, are in love with a government that can tell no lies though this same bureaucratic arm and it's corporate affiliates have proven time and again they cannot be trusted and will place your health in jeopardy (Tuskegee experiment, Acres of Skin, Guinea Pig Kids, Medical Apartheid, A Higher Form of Killing).

Oh, and the pharmaceuticals in the water won't harm you either: you'll just find yourself jumping off walls from the anti-depressants and find out your male child is developing some big old biddies. ;-)

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