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Thursday, March 27, 2008



Liz, yes. I made this point as well on my political blog a week or so before things got completely out of hand. As you know, I have a large issue with how our pastor views gays and lesbians, but I also would not leave our church because of that. This is the church that DG has known since birth -- these people have loved us and invited us into their homes, laughed with us and cried with us and prayed for us and with us. I would no sooner reject that church than I would my kids, because churches are not pastors. They're people. People I love.

Hillary may or may not have experienced this. I suspect the closest she's gotten is with the group she's in with now, the secretive "Fellowship". But whether she's experienced it, she knows it. Just like she knows that adding "as far as I know" to the end of a disclaimer about Obama being Muslim is intended to leave that small seed of doubt in everyone's mind.

It is this that I loathe about clinton. I could deal with her out-and-out lies, but her propensity to use subtle and very personal ways of smearing her opponents goes much too far for me.

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