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Saturday, March 08, 2008



Jenny McCarthy is an idiot with a big microphone. Seriously.

Joel Sax

The Endarkenment. Funny and very sad at the same time.

Y. Jacobs

Seeing as how the vaccine/autism link isn't Julie's area of "expertise" either, what would make her an "expert." Oh, is it because of the initials that tag along at the end of her name? Or is it because of her current job title? A degree does not an authority make, and we need to stop dispensing of others just because they don't have the "credentials" this title-happy country looks to make money off of rendering.

In essence, to tell others their own research is null and void because of their social standing equates to outright stupidity on the part of those who say they're intellectuals, yet practice non-linear thinking.

And let's not get on the subject of quackery, the first being what we know as today's doctors who schemed and manuevered back in the day to uproot midwives by calling them witches. Remember those trials?

Another thing we should take a look at is the fact that a great many physicians do not take vaccinations. Shouldn't that raise questions?

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