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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Shaping Youth

Absolutely fabulous post on all sides of this debate...In fact, I'm going to go place this link pronto in our on post on Shaping Youth as the snippets and dialog are noteworthy from all POVs.

As an aside, it sure has been silent as to the 'outcome' of the hearing and such so far...Any news from your circles of academe?

Thanks for this, again. Excellent treatise...Are you on the HASTAC ning group by chance? (virtual institution?) If not, you should be, you have grand perspective!

Amy Jussel
Founder/Executive Dir.

Shaping Youth

Ah, just saw this update on digital journal. Fair? Unfair? Without any transcript of details it's impossible to assess w/facts and reasoning, but I'm sure more will spill out from various angles soon to understand the full story and implications.

Magnus Mahony

The temptation to do other things is just too high when studying online, that's why some educators frown on the system. I think online studying is a great tool to enhance learning, but it's just that. It's up to the students how such a tool would be utilized. Of course, it will be a lot of help if they have the guidance of their parents and teachers.

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