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Monday, April 14, 2008



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R. Ann

As a public school teacher of 25 years, I am glad to see that there are schools such as Pine Ridge that can help students who struggle in the public school setting. I have been following with interest the difficulties Pine Ridge has faced and can see that some of these difficulties have emerged as the school began to accept students who did not fit the school's original mission statement of helping students with dyslexia. I agree with Mr. Roman that if this school is for children with true learning disabilities, students with emotional and behavioral challenges would hinder the school's mission. Children with dyslexia need a place where their needs can be served without hinderance. I believe the school is now on the right track and will succeed as it keeps its focus.

private schools>Girls private school provides various opportunities for success. In the nurturing and caring environment of institute, girls achieve the highest potential in their academic and social life. Schools prescribe various foreign language programs, interscholastic sports for developing skills in students.

Julian Jones

Boarding school is basically the school where students not only study but also live during a particular term session. So it can be referred to as food, lodging and study all at the same place. These types of schools are full time boarding schools. They provide much more time to each and every student and present a full educational program including sports and various cultural activities.Boarding School UK

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