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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


cheryl vT

Thanks so much for this posting and all the links. Our school is dealing with a rash of parent-sponsored "Pay Parties," where students pay to attend alcohol-fueled bashes based on a sliding scale (9th graders pay the most, 12th graders the least).

Chaz's story is a sad reminder of why parents need to reclaim their rightful role as the responsible decision-makers in their families. Too many are trying so hard to be their children's friends. I'm passing this post along to every parent I know....


About 13 years ago, my daughter lost her sister. They were coming back from watching a movie. The hit the concret dividers in the middle of the highways, everyone was thrown from the car. Jackie had hit the reflectors, and was brain dead. The had to make the decision to pull the plug. It was later found out, they were at a drinking party with all underage kids. The parents did not do anything about it. My daughter is graduating Highschool next month and i've made sure she made it this far. The reality of her sister dying because of what happened has shakin her up. Maybe the other kids will too. Alcohol is dangerous. Be responsible, Parents do your job right, your children was brought into this world by you, its your job to guide them "safely".

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