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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ken  P.

Dear Sir ,I don't see a need for any company to join with any group that agrees
with sin,according to the word of God ,homosexual's are an abomanation to God
and he has asked us to come out from amoung the world and be a seperate people so by this we have no other choice but refuse to go back to McDonald's ,We will encourage everyone to refuse to take their families to this resturant .Bad Bad move McDonald.


The real issue here is not McDonald's Corporation, or even Mr. Ellis (although if you have known him personally, you probably think he is a real scumbag of a person - liar, deceptive, dishonest.).

And the issue really isnt about your beliefs about gays or lesbians.

The key issue here is if we want corporations to be funding special interest groups using shareholder's money. But what if a corporation you have invested in spends your profits on causes and activities you do not support? What real opportunity as a owner/shareholder of the business do you have to weigh-in?

And how do we know that, in this particular case; the only agenda here is being driven by Mr. Ellis - should your corporate profits be used to support his personal agenda.

In this case, would McDonald's be better off investing its resources in areas that it has significant and substantial expertise - there are lots of issues in the world today surrounding availability of food, food safety, etc - it seems like these resources would earn a greater return in these areas vs. donating the money to NGLCC.

McDonald's does a good job hiding under their corporate diversity statment, but this doesn't really apply in this scenario. Sure, McDonald's hires gays, hispanics, african americans and others; it also serves these groups in its restaurants, strives to maintain an enviroment that supports diversity, recognized contributions from all members of its organization - all good stuff.

But do we really want our corporations funding special interest groups with shareholder profits? McDonald's board should immediately investigate and produce a comprehensive report outlining the groups and organizations where it has contributed financial and other resources to determine if these resources are truly being used in the best interest of the company owners/shareholders. Otherwise they have breached their fudiciary responbility.


I so appreciate your desire to care about all people and defending their interest. You should be commended. Jesus commands us to love our neighbor unconditionally and it's a shame to see the hate from both sides of the issue. However, I love my children to the point that I won't be passive about their moral direction. It's not appropriate to fill a cartoon with adult inuendo (Shrek) and market it toward children. It's not appropriate to gather the kid's around one of the best family shows ever (Extreme Makeover Home Edition) and endure the barage of Desperate Houswives commercials. It's not appropriate to take your kids to a Disney hotel this past 4th of July and cringe while 2 lesbians fondle each other in a large swimming pool full of young children the whole time we were there. What used to be common decency has been replaced with diversity and it shows no signs of slowing down. I don't hate McDonald's and I have gay friends and neighbors, but I will not give money to an organization that promotes their love for children and political groups based on their sexual preference. That's just my perspective. And I do not want to eat where defending morality is viewed as hatred. God bless you.

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