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Thursday, April 03, 2008



Thanks for putting this list together... and add Bronze Dog in when you get a second, if you would be so kind.


I just added my 2cents, I was listed too.


Liz: Here's a Digg link for those who'd like to vote for the story on Digg.


We are Kathleen too


Thanks for the list. I've linked to it, while noting in my latest post something veeeery curious about one part of the "subpoena"...



I've added my own brief comments, though they're really nothing new... I'm planning on expounding more on this once I've had more time to think about it, though.

Alan Kellogg

Not "MythusMage" but "Mythusmage Opines". The story behind my nom de blog is long, detailed, and utterly irrelevant. Hope I've helped with my post, and that I've gotten others to post on the matter as well.

Club 166

Thanks for putting this together. This misuse of the law is truly unconscionable.


Kathleen Seidel

Liz, you're a true cataloguer -- a woman after my own heart. Thanks so much for keeping this tally, and for all of your moral support.

Ralph Smith

Thanks again Liz, I added a footer to this article/list.

Carolyn Elefant

Thank you for adding Blogwatch to this list.


You were very quick off the mark with this!

I started making a list before I knew you were, and your list is so much better organised and complete! It's gratifying to see just how much support there is for one of our own on this.

Steve D

Hi Liz -
I would also like to be added to the list.

This situation is unconscionable.

Kristina Chew

I just put up a post that references this latest brouhaha:


I just noticed that you had included my blog. I am pleased to be supporting Kathleen.


I'd like to be added!

Alan Kellogg

Mythusmage Opines, "Pontificates" is my LiveJournal place. :)


Hi Liz,

I'm glad you're staying on top of this -- I've written about it tonight and will be updating as things develop.


This is unreal. I keep checking back for updates and cannot help but think how ludicrous it all is!


Check out for all the latest headlines in education. It's one of the leading sources for breaking crazy news stories from our public schools.

malcolm stanley

Thanks for linking me into this.
Stay strong...


Please add this voice of support:

John Best

Hi Liz, Please add my blog to the list. Thanks, John Best


I've posted on this story as well:

John Best

Hi again Liz, I have another blog I'd like to add to the negative list.

Bob King

Me too.. which I welcome the idea of the law firm of Dawson and Siedel...


One more for the list Liz

Patti Shepard

Hello Liz,
If you'd like, you may add to the list. (My website was also mentioned in the Subpoena.) My response to the harassment by Shoemaker has been posted there. Thank you for creating a list.
In Support of Kathleen,
Patti Shepard


You can include me in there as well (on the positive list)!


Here, too! One of the blogroll mentions:


Andrea Shettle, MSW

You can add this to the list:

Standing in Solidarity

Another blog for the pro-Kathleen side:

Standing in Solidarity

Did you see this one?

About attacks on bloggers generally, with a special interest in Egypt (and elsewhere), but mentions the Kathleen Seidel situation among the many others.

Ray Fernandez

It is most unfortunate, that today we are blogging about corruption, tommorrow we might be blogging to get each other out of jail, far fetched, perhaps not! "wherein the Third District, in reversing an order awarding attorney’s fees, states “probate court has become repugnant to a great many citizens because of the perceived delay in administration and disposition of the Estate: The Guardianship of Mae Thompson FSC CASE NO. SC05-675 in which Vivian Hayes was incarcerated for five (5) months for speaking to her sister,....exemplifies the fright perceived by citizens
of this State, when the court takes extreme positions.-Florida Supreme Court.-:

Ray Fernandez

Other Bloggers under fire! some of the biggest names in the Canadian blogosphere – from Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals to Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury (or, Five Feet of Furry, as the lawsuit says on page 2), to Free Dominion, the largest conservative chat site in Canada. Warman’s goal is breathtaking in its chutzpah: he wants to muzzle the Canadian conservative Internet. It’s not just his goal – it’s the goal of the CHRC itself, and its friends at the Canadian Jewish Congress, who have stated their goal is to “tame” the Internet – or at least those voices they disagree with.

Ray Fernandez

Obviously, this fight isn’t just about a particular blogger or other. It’s about political censorship, the abuse of government power, and the freedom of the blogosphere. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the abusive, corrupt, bullying, censorious nature of these people who want to stiffle free speech .

I don’t even think the importance of this fight is limited to US or Canada. The creeping censorship is of the same breed as the censorship that Geert Wilders faces for his film, Fitna. It’s part of a global attempt to squelch ideas about liberty and other western values.


I posted a blog in support of Kathleen.


I posted a blog in support of Kathleen.

Andrea Shettle, MSW

Another one for your list, on the pro side:


You may be interested to note that I have now added to the list of blogs referencing this issue.

Angela Jacobs

I am in absolute shock here!!! I found you and this story on the Elder Abuse Blog. I am looking forward to seeing how all of this pans out.
How in the world has it come to this?

Thiz 'n' Dat

This one has open permission to copy/paste elsewhere or to circulate with others via email. Encourages people to stand in solidarity with all bloggers whose freedom of speech is under attack, including Kathleen Seidel. Entitled thusly: "The 'I Am Kathleen' Freedom of Speech Campaign."

Thiz 'n' Dat

Ack. I forgot to give the URL. So sorry. Here it is:


Please add "Best of the Web Today", ?mod=Best+of+the+Web+Today (space added before ? so this would be readable) to your list. Also, InstaPundit linked to that article but did not comment:

Thiz 'n' Dat

A new addition for the "pro" list. I thought I had posted it here but now I don't seem to see it here:

Thiz 'n' Dat

Another for the pro side, from a blogger who has been hit with law suits in the past in an attempt to silence her:


Volokh Conspiracy has a comment.

Also there's a description of the case here:

Memo Juez


Thanks for the comment. Here is another link to the story with some comments at StumbleUpon:


I don't think you have this one, from the 6th:

"The mercury militia goes too far"


This one too:
The pros and cons of being a plaintiffs’ attorney …

A plaintiffs' attorney who doesn't approve of Shoemaker.


Add Voice from the pack in if you want to:

Alianora La Canta

I know my blog normally has nothing to do with the autistic spectrum or American law, but>I've blogged about this crazy subpoena anyway. I can see this case having huge ramifications for bloggers in other parts of the blogosphere; what right do lawyers have to put broad-ranging subpoenas on people just because they happen to hold an opinion they don't like? Or to involve everyone on that individual's blogroll simply because they respected their writing enough to provide a link?

This isn't just a problem for writers about autism, or even just about those writing about Big Pharma. This affects anyone who blogs about any matter where the powers-that-be have an investment in one thing being said over another - which in the end means pretty much everyone.


Second paragraph down on the left (April 15).

edited to make the link above clickable, and to post the following (since sometimes smaller newspapers' archives disappear):

Charles Oliver: It couldn't happen here?
Dalton Daily Citizen

Kathleen Seidel is the mother of a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome, a condition related to autism. Because of that she started a Web site devoted to autism disorders called The Nashua Telegraph has called her site “an example of quality advocacy journalism.” Seidel is critical of the idea that vaccines cause autism. She’s not alone. Groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control say the science shows no link between vaccines and autism. But some parents of autistic children don’t accept that. Seidel recently authored and posted a lengthy article called “The Commerce in Causation” which details 22 suits against vaccine makers and notes that Virginia attorney Clifford Shoemaker has collected almost $600,000 in fees from the cases. Just hours after posting the article, Seidel was served with a subpoena from Shoemaker demanding her bank records, tax information and records of contact with a long, long list of people, including other Web site operators, government officials, scientists and “any religious group.” Some observers have described the subpoena as a fishing expedition or an attempt to intimidate Seidel. But whoever heard of a lawyer doing anything like that?

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I am not an attorney but I get psuboenaed often.The way I read it...the other folks named on the document are not commanded to do anything. It does show shoddy execution on behalf of it's executor.I like shoddy shows there are other weaknesses. Kathleen is commanded to bring any correspondence to those parties with her.L. Rex is not an American so he cannot be commanded by our courts to do anything unless the British Embassy is involved. Not gonna happ'n, cap't.Also note that many others such as Dr. Kristina Chew and Orac are not named.I have also noticed bad press about these individuals has gone into the NT circuit also.~(I am also Kathleen Seidel)

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