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Wednesday, April 30, 2008



What are you so afraid of?? I have recently experienced MANY of the very true statements above while going through treatments when I fell on ice. Lucky for you, you have never been injured in such a way. But unlucky for you that you do not know or realize the awesome power of this work. Why you are so bitter and adamantly against this therapy, which you obviously know nothing about, is beyond me. True intelligence warrants an open mind. Try it.

Terri Peiskee

I am a living, breathing ,testimony to the John Barnes method of myofascial release. In traditional physical therapy I was informed that I was "too neurological to treat" following a Closed Head Injury that I recevied by being rear ended by a drunk driver. After several courses of treatment I was able to resume a normal pain free and anxiety free life. It is rather odd that there is such negative comments about treatment that helps many people regain indepedance. Why do other professional want to hurt someone that has a true good heart and valid treatment. I guess the biomechanical therapist feels that doing 3 sets of bicep curls can heal!

Antonia Nelson

As a practicing Massage Therapist for the last 29 years, and the last l7 of those focusing on Myofascial Release for my clients, I have seen miracles happen across the board for so many "disease processes, diagnosis, pain, restrictions, trauma, and on and on. I have also experienced first hand how this work has given me so much around my physical body and health. I never offer things up to clients unless I have experienced it as well, I HIGHLY recommend this work. I always say, if you want to find out about something if its going to work for you, TRY IT!!! Make up your own mind!! It might be exactly what it is that could change your health and well being. I had a wonderful opportunity to work with an Olympic runner years back who had to stop running because of body pain, I called to share about Myofascial Release. His comment was, "i've tried everything". I asked him if he had tried Myofascial Release. No, he was willing and he was able to run again, he said, like he had never run before. Again, as I tell everyone, TRY IT YOURSELF!! If its for you, you will know it probably the first session. When you have lived, are living in pain and misery, most people are pretty open to try anything that may help. I certainly would suggest this work before I would let someone cut me open, or pour endless drugs down to try to get rid of the symptoms. Last year I had a great opportunity to share this work at a Veterans Center where I volunteered. Many physical and emotional problems were taken care of with this work. They were pretty happy to receive it and wondered why the VA didn't have anyone doing this kind of work. I had to wonder why myself??
Antonia nelson [email protected] MFR Therapist


I was very interested to find out how John Barnes was debunked. I was very curious to see what was discovered and found out since my family is testimony to the power of this work and what is referred to here as outlandsih. My Dad was able to avoid spinal surgery and my Mom no longer has Migraines. I read through the blog there was only testimony of self-reported outcomes of MFR. What was debunked? The madness that needs to stop is smearing a person for no reason by discrediting a therapy that has helped thousands of people live a more fulfilled active life. This blog makes me sad that people might read this and think they are getting legitimate information based on something more than your opinion of a man you never met that would prevent them from seeking treatment. I am saddened that this blog would want to prevent people form getting the help and relief they need.


So you just listed the claims made by John Barnes, you didn't debunk anything. Just ranting about something that for whatever reason you didn't like. You didn't even state why you are against those types of treatments. What was your experience? Each is entitled to his own opinion, but at least let us know why you are so against this stuff so the rest of us can make our own fair judgements.



Your are an "ankle biting" amateaur. Your refusal to have a discussion many times was proof enough of your integrity. I played a lot of sports too. Your "Spin" is absurd. Barbnes has not said half of what you manipulated here. Just like the National Enquirer!

John F Barnes, myofascial release whole body mind approach to health care saced my life and many others. My neurologists, orthopedics etc,,are world class professionals. They have testified to the results and one has began treatments himself after his own profession failed him.

No one has said half of what you "claim" here as facts.

You and yours had many opportunities to prove yourselves to be "authentic" therapists. Instead, you prove your cowardness repeatedly.

Last, I can not believe this is the the US Miliatry wants to spend our TAX money either!!

Allowing "clowns" like you to masquerade as professionals.

Get a life while this man saves mine and others. When your "quackery" fails miserable in comparison and is taxing the entire health care system.

James Shackelford

I do not understand, Nor do I think John understands fully, why myofacial work does the many things I have seen it do. Just as it is hard to undrstand fully why Chiropractic treatments and Acupunture, and herbal remedies work, as well as some of the amazing things that happen in the medical and surgical realm. Nor should anyone claim that any of the above mentioned modalities (including medical) will have 100% success for any given person. But to claim that any of the above is quackery, deny its benefits to millions, and discurage free access is a shame born of envy, ignorance, or insecurity (perhaps all three). I have seen many amazing results from the practice of all of the above professions, including the practice of MFR as taught by John Barnes. Did each always perform a miracle? No - my grandmother died on the operating table. I don't know of any reported deaths directly related to MFR treatments.


Comparing JFBMFR to Chiropractics is absurd.

Chiropractics is a joke.

There is many good "scientific" reasons that this whole body - mind approach works.

John Barnes does not make miracles happpen. He does allow "hope" to many patients who have been run through a chaotic medical system. This man has created an effective health care model that should be ultilized not critized.

carl patrnchak

Have you heard of the First and Second International Fascial Congress? Some of the top researchers from around the world are there reporting. Man--get with it because you are being left behind. That is what you are fearing and you don't have to.

I've been practicing PT for 30 years. The last 5 has been strictly jfb-mfr. I will challenge you to go present your case studies against mine any day. I have documented cases with pictures showing patient posture progression and relief of pain where traditional PT has failed.

Feel free to email me at. [email protected] anytime you want to challenge me or have anything [like your cases] to debunk with? I doubt, but humor me anyway!!

Carl Patrnchak, PT, CO

Donna Clayton Saurino

Several years ago I had herniated disc treatment from John Barnes and his therapist in Sedona Arizona.It was painful BUT when I returned home to see a doctor I was informed that it looked better and I should be FINE--I was FINE.I have since had two more herniated disc. I have had MFR by local therapist--The first one was in the T1-T2 and healed after treatment.The one I have now is in the L2-L3 and area I wish I has the money to go again to Sedona for treatment---I don't but I will keep trying to heal it and search for someone other than myself to do MFR.I am TOTALLY sold!!!

Fields Brookter

Absolute science in medicine is there such a thing?

In time perhaps your fascia may soften but for now or perhaps your entire life it may remain the same.

If you do not already, respect yourself and we hope you respect others.

I understand science extremely well and I embrace the art concept which is also a part of the whole program. Absent of proof is no proof of absent as my pathology proff shared with us.

Jayme Risenhoover

My husband is a physical therapist who has been trained in MFR by John F.Barnes. I was diagnosed with intersticial cistitis(a condition of the bladder) last year, for which no cure has been found,and received a bladder distention treatment by my urologist last summer. The distention treatment relieved my symptoms for about 8 months, and my husband began administering myofacial treatment on my bladder when the symptoms returned.It is unbelievable how much the MFR treatment helps relieve the symptoms of the intersticial cistitis, and with continued treatment, I believe that I will be symtom free in the near future. I only wish that everyone with this condition could be treated with MFR. I am very blessed to be married to a physical therapist who has been trained in this kind of treatment.

Hana Peterson

I find this funny. In 1986 I was suffering from headaches, backaches, and my right wrist was sprained from an accident. In only one session with John using the 'unwinding' technique, which I was brand new to, my writst was about 95 percent better. After a few treatments on my back and neck each, I felt better than I had in all of my life since being injured as a child. You haven't experienced it , you haven't investigated it, you haven't interviewed people who have been helped by it, and you haven't spoken to the many many people I have helped by using these techinques. You are the unscientific one! Open your eyes.


I find it interesting that not one post is in agreement with your beliefs. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years and have studied many therapeutic modalities. I would not have invested so much time and money in training with John Barnes if I didn't see wonderful results in my clients.

You really must see the findings from the First and Second International Fascia Congress. Many top researchers from all over the world are coming to the same conclusions as John Barnes (and Tom Myers, for that fact!).

I encourage anyone who reads this post to do your own research and not take the opinions of one person to be the gospel.

myofascial release therapy

The most well known MFR educator, John F. Barnes, claims to have instructed over 50,000 therapists worldwide in his approach. With so many therapists using MFR and, according to Barnes, “the consistent, profound results of myofascial release are so impressive, even when all else has failed, critics have said it is impossible because it breaks the laws of science.”, the results of a systematic review published by Remvig et al. are somewhat surprising.

Dianasue Holland

I find this to be an amazing work which has helped me considerably. Dianasue

Jelle Schaegen

I have not been trained by John F. Barnes, but I have been practicing Myofascial Release for more than twenty years in the Netherlands. There is just no better natural method to help the human body with its skeletal problems and it took me many years to try almost everything! It is possible to work in a soft (energetic) and in a strong way (applying pressure). The energetic way of working needs a lot more cooperation of the patient/client and usually takes a lot more time too. The strong way usually can be done in 4 to 6 two hour sessions and the physiology of a relatively healthy body will heal the rest. The importance of proper breathing, usually neglected however, cannot be exaggerated. Indeed, read the findings from the First and Second International Fascia Congress and dr. Leon Chaitow's material. Jelle Schaegen, Advanced Myofascial Release Amsterdam, Maastricht, Marbella

air jordan 13

This is a good article. I agree, if there is a method of saving costs then I am all for it. The last place I would have thought to notice a disease was in the eyes.


While I have seen several people it has not worked for, I am still alive three years after the best specialist in the country said I would not be because of John Barnes treatments. It takes an open mind and strong determination, but like most things you get what you put into it. Unlike many scientific surgical approaches you have mentioned, he has caused no one harm. In fact, he has helped millions. As others have stated, I see no reason for your concern. Is it madness that I am here to watch my children grow up?

kevin kirkwood

You have delivered something unusual here.


I will pray for you because of your lack of trust in your body's ability to heal itself. It is sad that your webpage even registers when one searches for MFR.

michael clyne

i am amazed at how little i have found on google searches relating to myofascial massage being just pure hokum. i recently went to a massage therapist and paid £40 for the privilage of being told i need to release some dark secrets that were making my shoulders hunched up (nothing to do with the heavy weights i lift) and for him to rest his hand on my leg and move it about very obviously by him but be told it was my my body doing the work, and loved him sitting in a chair resting his feet on my chest........ unfortuanetly it was the small of my back that had spasmed a week earlier and all i bloody wanted was some deep tissue massage to free up the tense muscles. what a load of pish. it makes me so angry that people fall for this claptrap. after a few days my back was no better, so i got my wife to to do some of the deep tisue massage i wanted and hey presto my back was back to normal.

fact - myofascial massage only works on gullable idiots.

Scott Hernandez

As a Chiropractor for the past 11 years, I realized there is another part of the physical balance equation and I believe it to be linked to the fascial system. I no longer care to wait for what you consider to be scientific to reach the publications that you may agree with. "Proof is in the pudding", and I can not express to you enough that as a practicing physician of physical complaints that you must use anything and everything to get people out of pain or you will fail in practice. Say what you will about most therapy approaches. Celebrex and drugs caused more deaths than any myofascial work so why are you so against it. You should spend more energy on "Big Pharma" killing people with drugs than on clinicians trying to help desperate patients. And that truely is the "Bottom Line".


I just came onto the web to look up myofascial release as my massage therapist just used it in a session. I'll tell you what, I feel better than I have in YEARS after one session of "MFR." years of anxiety and stress caused me to have so much physical tension in my body. I have been to physical therapy and that helped (electric stimulating) as well but only in the short term... Surprisingly MFR felt a lot like that- tingly and relaxing. I think you have to find out what works best for you as an individual and hope anyone who comes across this site will make their own decision based on their own needs!


As an LMT, when I read your article I was taken aback by the vehemence with which you condemn MFR. However, I believe that everyone should have their fair say. That being said, while I am curious to read the debunking series of articles to which you refer, the links do not seem to be working and my efforts to find these pieces of sholarship elsewhere have proved fruitless. Would you mind updating the links? Thanks much.


You obviously need to see the DVD "Strolling Under the Skin" by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, MD, a french hand surgeon. Fascia is three dimensional and fully visualised down to the cellular level during an intricate hand surgery. Try debunking that.
I am curious to discover why anyone would go to such lengths to bash MFR if they thought it didn't work.


You are entitled to your opinion . But for me MFR is the best treatment in the World. Have you even tried MFR ? If not then maybe you should before you believe someone else that probably hasn't tried it either. I say that all the people writing post on your site believe and maybe that should open you mind to at lease give it a real chance. But I know that won't happen (YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER, but you can't make him drink). Do what you want but this site may stop someone that really needs help not get it? Your on a quest to slam something you obviously no nothing about. Sham on you!


If you have never experienced the debilitating effects of fascial tension, and the subsequent release from MFR; if you seriously believe that mind-body are not closely connected as JFB advocates, then I regret you are missing a great deal of the solution which has helped me and many others.

Evelyn Olsen

I must share this experience... I had a Comminuted Colles fracture years ago and after 3 months of traction in a plaster cast I went for physical therapy to bring back full use of my left hand. Trying to get the ROM back, of course, was so AGONIZING and was taking SO long with little improvement. I asked my PT to try Myofascial Release instead. She did and I was IMMEDIATELY restored to full use and the ROM was better than on the "good" wrist! I never needed PT again! So, put that in your pipe and smoke it. :-) I'm not a charlatan nor an idiot, but I have been an R.N. for 37 years and a N.Y. State Licensed Massage Therapist for 20. I've personally not been trained in this modality, but always recommend it to those who are not receiving their healing through conventional means. I only wish there were more therapists who practice this wonderful solution to the grueling pain of conventional physical therapy with it's icy cold water plunge into a warm one,torturous stretching and squeezing exercises.

Matt Elkins  LMT

JFB MFR WORKS. Nuff said.


Please be careful in condeming those who say they are providing MFR but gave no relief... I've gone to PT's who said they were performing MFR and gave me a massage instead. MFR is not the problem, persons not trained who say they are treating with MFR but aren't, are the problem!


Is there any evidence (scientific not anecdotal) that the techniques used during JFB MFR actually effect any change to muscle or fascial (myofascial) structures?
Sure, many who receive the therapy feel changes have happened. Before treatment they felt one way and after treatment they feel a different way, but what is the scientific evidence that proves the change felt is from changes effected on the myofascial network of the body?
Surely the treatment techniques could be effecting the CNS (central nervous system) as opposed to the myofascial system.
I don't dispute that the techniques can be helpful and beneficial to some people but I do question what is being effected by those treatment techniques.


Ran across this article while researching this subject. My buss nd is a physical therapist who at this very moment is attending a course on this subject and is being trained. I don't think he expected much at first but he is amazed by his own results (hands on course) and is extending his week to attend more classes. He is not easily "excited" by things unless they really, truly, work. I can't wait to be his first patient upon his return!

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