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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ms. Friendly

This is an outrage! When will the school system PROTECT those who are responsible for the education of the students? I have been teaching for eight years, and this year is my first year teaching in an inner-city school...occurrences like this one are not new and I certainly will NOT be returning! Read all about it:

Geoff Brown

This is ridiculous. This parent sounds like the kind who might abuse her child (most child abuse is perpetrated by the parents). To add to a teacher's worries, all teachers are designated by state law as "mandated reporters." That means you must report any reasonable suspicion of child abuse. But the problem is that many teachers simply don't know how to talk to students in whom they notice possible signs of abuse. (You can't just say, "Are you being abused?"). There's a new online role-playing course lets teachers practice these difficult conversations online and get better at detecting and reporting child abuse. It has a free demo, plus a CEU-credit version. Written by a Minnesota police detective. Hope this will be useful to your readers.

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I can't believe tthings like these are happening. There should be clear cut rules on what is allowed and what is not allowed - and students (and their parents) who do not abide with the rules should be expelled and trasferred to special (tougher?) schools.

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I cant believe that kid's parent. Schools should protect good teachers' rights

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The lesson to be drawn from these events, is that: violence will not solve a problem even be worse. Also a mother should provide a good example to their children rather than supporting their children to do things that are not good. Teachers and parents should cooperate in education, both within school and outside school.


The mother got a year in prison and some time on probation. She should have gotten at least 5 years in prison for this -- maybe ten since it was in front of the students.


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Teaching is not dangerous but it is your attitude that is the real cause of the anger in students of different cultures.

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