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Friday, May 02, 2008


Scott Moore

Hey Liz, I had exactly the same trouble and I was a PacBell DSL customer starting the same year as you. None of the currently documented settings helped one bit. Calls to ATT and having them do mysterious things to my DSL modem produced nothing either.

I stumbled upon some settings that worked for me in the Mozillazine Thunderbird forums. I'm sure you are full up of server setting suggestions, but if you haven't tried these, give them a shot.

Server Name:
Port: 110
User Name: (no @domain)

Server Name:
Port: 25
User Name: [email protected] (or I guess [email protected])

Currently, I'm pulling my email from the POP3 on and sending mail out successfully via the SMTP settings above. I have no faith that this will last long, but it gives me enough breathing room to look for a separate SMTP service. Hopefully, they will work for you, too.

The really galling thing is that I don't think anyone got prior warning that our outgoing mail was about to be suddenly cut off.

Scott Moore

Oops! I forgot to mention. Use "no secure connection" for both server settings.


I agree it sucks. I am so tired of it not working and not responding. This ATT. yahoo is the pits.

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