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Wednesday, June 04, 2008



Thanks for keeping the list and for the link. Yes, I am in Ireland. To be specific (if you're interested!) I'm in the north of the country so politically in part of the UK, hence my great interest in UK stories.


I posted a response, too. But I was really, really mad when I wrote it, so it's a little, um, passionate:


You're a loser and these vaccines are a disgrace and ARE causing Autism along with many other allergies and get your facts straight!

Liz Ditz

Gee, Terry, that's a rather bold assertion. Care to back it up with some facts?


Nice one Liz. I know we cannot hope to turn these people from their crusade - its a bit of an unsinkable rubber duck, but at least we can provide valuable information for people wanting to know more on the subject.


Where do you get your funding from?

What is the longest time study for any one vaccine?

What is the effect of aluminum in humans?

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