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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Some Canadian Skeptic

I just stumbled upon this entry through Skeptico. Thanks for linking to my site (I did the same to this entry), and extra thanks for helping get this news out there!

Skeptical Ranger Action Squad, AWAY!


I am apalled that a psychic would conduct themselves in this manner. It really gives a bad bname to the entire psychic community. I am truly sorry that any parent especially one that has the increased difficulty of having to deal with the issues of autism was affected in this way by a spiritualist. However, the school boards in there rush to judgemnet should hav known better! They should be held accountable for any and all damages incurred by this parent including punitive damages.

Psychic Reading Al

That is a sad and sickening story. Inexcusable. I wonder how things have unfolded since then, cant find much on the story anywhere else..


Accurate Psychic In Denial

That's pretty pathetic. There are some good psychics out there, but this isn't a good example of ethics. What a shame.


Ethics and psychics? What is even more sad is that people believe in psychics. There never has been and there never will be. Harry Houdini spent the later part of his life debunking every psychic out there - not one could beat him. If you doubt this, go see Penn and Teller in Las Vegas. Penn does unbelievable hot reads and cold reads. He then shows you how he did it and how the "experts" do it using techniques that are centuries old. He did Jonathan Edwards act better than Edwards does (which isn't saying much). If you can get a hold of the pilot episode of their show Bullshit they do a whole half hour on how it is done and they even catch one of the "experts" doing it. James Randi has a standing million dollar offer to any psychic that can come in and predict something in a controlled environment (away from the smoke and mirrors). Nobody has come close to getting his money. What does that tell you?

Psychic Readings

This is just sad. I think the school district should be held accountable for conducting themselves based on heresay. Psychic or not, you can't accuse someone based on rumors.

free psychic reading

A sad story. In fact it shows what humain can do and can be. Evil but can alos be good, there are also good examples to follow.


since i last posted in 2008 was there ever a resolution in this? just wondering as i have followed your site closely.


I'm also curious what came of this. I feel it's a bit too presumptuous for a psychic to make such claims; especially if he/she hasn't met anyone else in that classroom. In order to give a valid reading the psychic would need to take in the energy of all others who contact Victoria; even then it's a bit too risky to make such a bold claim.

- Michelle

psychic reading

This is so sad. My heart goes out the the parents and the struggle they are going through.
Parenthood is the hardest job in the world..


I don't like people calling themselves psychics do such acts. Psychic readers are expecting to give readings even more sensibly in such circumstances without any falsification facts.

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