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Monday, June 09, 2008


Gina Pera

I've been amazed and stunned to see the vitriole that has been aimed at Biederman et al.

Without the facts.

Only allegations from conservative senator Chuck Grassley, whose second-biggest campaign donor is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you have a loved one needing medical help for ADHD, etc., how happy are YOU with medical coverage? And how happy will you be when this grandstanding politician and the anti-medication whackadoodles in this country limit your access further.

From where I sit, none of these people care about children. If they did, they would not have gone about this attack the way they did--and have gotten the NYTimes to be their mouthpiece.

Reasonable people should be very careful before jumping in without knowing the enormity of the issues involved--or the facts.

Catherine Sinclair

It's interesting reading both sides of the "argument." The truth of the matter is no one person will ever know all the facts about the above scandal.

However, regardless of whether bipolar diagnosis has increased due to actual development of the disease or whether there is falsehood involved, the child is still suffering.

All attempts need to be made to protect ourselves from a poisonous environment, which I believe is the underlying reason mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, SAD, PTSD, Autism, and the like have dramatically increased in recent years; along with cancer, brain tumors, sugar diabetes, hypertension and a host of other diseases.

Our technology is killing us and our children. Pollution is rampant in our water, air, and homes. Toxic chemicals in our food and water is absorbed in our bodies which in fact changes our chemical balance and make up. Don't believe? Put your fish in tap water and see how long it lives.

The solution is not attacking the AMA the APA or the EPA but rather one family at a time begin to take responsibility for their home environment: clean it up with a proven air filter system, water purifier that charges the water with life giving negative ions, and eat toxic free foods.

This may sound a bit simple, but in fact works WELLNESS wonders for each family that does what they can to protect themselves. I have many testimonies from families who have done just that. They then tell someone else what they did to overcome disease and illnesses such as the aforementioned mood disorders as well as a host of other maladies so common in our world of technology and pollution today.

One family at a time doesn't sound like much but then as the well known story goes about the child seeing all the star fish washed ashore threw one at a time back into the ocean. When asked why bother, he couldn't possibly make a difference with so many in need. His reply, "I made a difference for this one."

One helping another one by taking on personal responsibility: what a novel idea.

Gina Pera

Well said, Catherine.

Trouble is, many children inherit genetic brain disorders from a parent--a parent who typically remains untreatd. And that means the brain-processing ability to carry out all that you suggest simply isn't there. They don't think of the consequences of what they eat, what they expose themselves to.

To me, no child should be given psychotropic medications without the parents first being screened as well. When that fails to take place, in my opinion, it is tantamount to child abuse.

Even among people with child-bearing age who have no obvious brain disorders, the notion of cause and effect among Americans is too often absent. For example, array of cosmetic chemicals women put on their bodies (including known endocrine disruptors in sunscreen, etc.) is alarming, given no FDA oversight on these things.

Then there are the ultrasounds done for entertainment value--despite NO evidence that these ultrasounds (even the "medical" ones) don't affect the baby. The high Caesarean rate, the chemicals in new cars, baby furniture, etc. Men who think that the health of their sperm doesn't need protecting, too. It just boggles the mind.

And these are among the economically advantaged people!

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