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Monday, June 16, 2008



Stories like this are truly heartbreaking. Your story brought to mind this story: Turlock: Man Beats Toddler to Death

Heartbreaking for the child and absolutely sickening towards any adult who could do this to a child.

update: the man's name was Sergio Casian Aguiar; he was separated from his wife, Frances Liliana Casian.


God. That's horrible. I don't even know what to say other than that I'm offended in the very deepest depths of my soul.

Donna Fincher

I am praying for the ones involved in this situation and I am heartbroken over this young boy's death. How could these parents be so cruel?


Tell me how in this world did the neighbors
not hear something unless he,of course, was
already dead when he was tied to the tree,or he was gagged. He didn't necessarily
have to die at this tree. For the life of me, I just don't understand at all what would possess anyone to do such an evil thing.

Sarah Dewar

My sister and I (twins - 19) both cried when we heard this story! We are members of the Salvation Army in Edinburgh, and we've got a Prayer Circle going for Tyler and his siblings. We've downloaded his picture from this website and put it on our mobiles and laptops so we can remember and pray for him when the fickle, scummy media have got bored with this story and forgotten he ever existed. Let's hope Justics is done and seen to be done!

Sarah Dewar

My older cousin has just given birth to a healthy baby boy. She was very upset when she heard the story of Tyler, so her husband and her have agreed to name their new son Tyler Gene Wilson, as a mark of respect and rememberance to Tyler. Would anyone else who has had (or is having) a boy consider naming him Tyler Gene as well?

Katie Duff

Somebody MUST have heard that boy suffering and dying - the "neighbours" must accept some guilt in the boy's MURDER!

If Tyler hadn't gone to glory when he did, how much longer were the so-called parents going to TORTURE that poor kid?

Comming from a "nation" of primitive savages, what else can you expect - they're American!

Kathryn Thompson

I quite agree with Katie's remarks.

The so-called neighbours should be charged with being accomplices by their lack of care!

Gemma Simpson

Katie's question says it all!

How much longer were they going to torture him?

Typical American!

Donna Charlotte Jones

What could Tyler possibly have done to deserve such a fate? The Japanese did that to the POWs in the Far East during the last war, and they were tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

Americans - that says it all!


Americans have faults just like every other country around the world, but you can't judge the country based on it's worst citizens. And if you bothered to read the story, there weren't any "neighbors" as the house was rather "rural", meaning no neighbors!

The barbaric Americans will deal with their criminals in a fair manner in a court of law. America has been cleaning up after Europe's "hands off" policies for 200 years, I think we can deal with these two lowlifes.

Ruth Burns

The prisoners they will be mixing with now are the scum of the earth, but they do at least have one redeeming quality - they HATE child abusers and child killers! Let us hope and pray their fellow prisoners will save the taxpayers of North Carolina the cost of a trial!

What posses someone to be so cruel to another human being - especially a child?

According to Google, North Carolina is right in the middle of the Bible Belt - which doesn't surprise me! This is a clear warning for us to be on our guard against Christian Funadmentalism as much as Islamic Funadmentalism!


I have been following this story for a while now and I just need to clear something up for the people who have not done any research but are commenting about neighbors being guilty for not doing anything....

Tyler's family lived on 30 acres of wooded land. If you look at his home address (listed in many reports) you will see this. In fact the home is up for sale now and all photos and information about the property are shown on Realtor sites.

Tyler was placed in the back of the property on 30 acres of woods. There are nothing but trees. That boy could have screamed all night and there wouldn't have been anyone to hear or see him. If anyone did, they probably attributed it to 3 kids playing at the home. Tyler had 2 other siblings living there. I am sure however Tyler was very quiet out of fear of continued beatings. (the reason why he had flesh missing from his buttocks and legs).

There was never any reports of anything being heard by anyone. Again 30 acres of land and their neighbors as well lived on large lots of land too. No one was close to this house. Very convenient for the monsters who murdered him.

Hope that helps and please keep that sweet boy in your thoughts.

Richard Campbell

Murdered in cold blood by his own family in the name of religon! That says it all!

Anton Burrows

Would someone please tell me what Tyler did that was so bad his so-called father and stepmother tortured him to death in cold blood in such a cruel and horrific way?

R.I.P. Tyler!

deborah philp

no excuse for this poor boys death lets change the laws these people are either executed or a .life sentence

Richard Campbell

It's now Tyler's 17th birthday - we'll never know what he will have grown into or achieved in his life.

Tortured and murdered in cold blood by his own family in the name of religon. That says it all!

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