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Thursday, July 31, 2008



Hmm. Not very good journalism. I wonder about Sharyl Attkisson's own conflicts of interest. Does she have an autistic child? Or maybe is closely related to someone who has? I'm wondering because her piece smacks of someone who has been convinced by a personal relationship with someone with an ax to grind.

And, BTW, it is Lisa Randall, not Linda Randall.

Fixed, thanks


I really wonder whether Attkisson's superiors at CBS realize they're being used as a mouthpiece for the likes of J.B. (Brad) Handley. A person who openly believes there is a secret conspiracy to hide dangers of vaccines. It's a head-shaker.


It is interesting to me that a blatant attack on Paul OFFIT's credibility occurred within days of the Amanda PEET interview in "Cookie" magazine coming out.
Peet famously called parents who choose not to vaccinate "parasites" (and later apologized for that comment only).

Peet spoke to Dr. Offit in the course of her research into vaccines.

Peet, who has a post-secondary education, and clearly utilized critical thinking skills, came down on the side of science and evidence, and chose to vaccinate her son.

Dr. Steven NOVELLA has written about the Amanda Peet article in great detail on his blog (NeuroLogica), because as you can guess, Peet was attacked by the anti-vaccine quacks as soon as the article came out. Liz writes: here's the link to Novella's article:Celebrity Smackdown

Anyway, Peet got scientific information from Offit, and within days a "journalist" is publicly questioning Offit's credibility using "Google" (apparently) to conduct her research, just like Jenny McCarthy!

(That is exactly how McCarthy conducted her "research" into vaccines, and she was applauded for that on the Oprah show.. can you make this stuff up??)

Good on you for exposing the disgusting tactics that Attkisson has used, and CBS for their total lack of accountability and truthfulness in reporting.

Wonder where they will be sitting when the liability lawsuits for child deaths as a direct result of parental choice not to vaccinate start coming down the line.. and believe me, they will.

Keep up the good work!

Liz writes: Thanks! And here's the link to Orac's post on Sharyl Attkisson and Age of Autism

Liz Ditz

A comic view:

Attkisson soon to be named an Age of Autism editor

Liz Ditz

Readers might like to check out Canuckgal's post, Bravo Amanda Peet!

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