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Sunday, August 10, 2008



You should listen to what the chemistry professor says about chemistry, not the librarian.

Liz Ditz

Let's review the evidence: a professor of chemistry who stands to realize a significant income stream from a medically-unfounded treatment, or a librarian, assisted by another chemist, who criticizes both the research and the ethics?

Professor of chemistry = 0
Librarian (with assist from a chemist) = 1


parents should teach their children about drugs. they teach ethics to become good personality among the public.


kentucky drug rehab


perhaps instead of listening to the librarian OR even the chemistry professor, we should be paying attention to the physicians around the world who have used this with success? OR we could try listening to the patients themselves OR the parents who care for them and have seen vast improvement???? as a parent of 2 of these patients, my thoughts are that the politics of research need to be checked at the door and get on with the actual research!


Many have chelated and seen nothing, but they had no incentive to tell everyone about it.


More & more people know that blog are good for every one where we get lots of information any topics !!!

Martha Cooley

Like QuackBuster, if AutismDiva or other naysayers get their panties in a wad, I know it's probably good. I am using OSR under the care of a doctor after much discussion how to work it into the protocol, and I am seeing nice changes in my child.


OSR works and works so well and has no side effects. 9 months on it and my son has nothing but gains. Drawbacks ? taste and cost. Almost $5 a week and tastes like mud.


Here is a chelation study in children with Autism. This study had a profound effect on my childs speech.

John Sanderson

Liz, it seems that almost all of your posts, irresepective of the nature of the content, are negative in disposition and it is clear that you rarely offer substantial reference material or any other concrete information to actively support your oppositional position. Please become better at you publishing career or become another anti-conspiracy has-been.

There are many people who offer you their personal experiences and you simply choose to ignore them, and in fact are so rude that you do not even respond to a discussion thread created by your very self.

typepad was a better place without you.

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On August 1, 2008, Kathleen Seidel, blogging at sent a letter to the University of Kentucky, describing the sequence of events in detail.


i am using this product with my son and things r very good now .

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