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Wednesday, September 24, 2008



This American Life did a story on internet vigilantes who hassle 419 scammers a couple of weeks ago - they write back and create the impression they're interested, then invent requirements for things the scammers need to do to get the money they're asking for. These are often long trips known as "safaris." They were able to get one guy to travel first to a city far from home with no money and no luggage, wearing a white robe with a bright pink sash; from there they sent him to a city just on the Chad side of the border from Darfur. Eventually they got bored with stringing him along and got him to go home by telling him his mother had died. Ira Glass wasn't too impressed with the ethics of it, but I couldn't help sympathizing with the vigilantes.

Debt Consolidation

Surely an interesting take and tremendously apprised insight.

Debt Consolidation

Emphatically a fundamental view and I concur.

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