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Sunday, October 19, 2008



Thanks for the post, Liz. These people really do scare me.


I love your typo on Dr. Offit's book:

False Profits indeed!

The ignorance of the people with total faith in the safety and efficacy of vaccines scare me.


Thanks for this list! You're doing a great service, here.

Keep up the excellent work.


Thanks for the update, Liz. I have yet to pick up Jenny's book.

I did pick up Kirby's book though, just reading what little I have, I'm gonna have to have a lot of discipline to wade through that one.

And thank you for the board member list. That may be useful in the future.

Liz Ditz

Minority View, thanks for pointing out the typo.

The blog MV points to purports to provide an "effective risk v. benefit assessment regarding routine immunizations".

At a quick scan, it looks like a "sciency" approach to anti-vaccination.


Funny how "inside vaccines" doesn't show data on how well vaccines work.

Instead, they gather information from sites some might consider, well, odd. Like sites that think polio is caused by pesticides. One step removed from odd, they are. Not a big step.


I don't really see how this is any different than a lot of the medical profession in the grand scheme of things. Not saying that I am for or against the idea of vaccine-related autism. But... it seems a common habit of our society to not only latch onto and believe something that has yet to be proven accurate by our own personal investigated, and then to become a strong proponent of it as though it is fact.
We are all guilty of the same masquerade, just different costumes.


I recently had a very indepth conversation with my pediatrician about vaccines, Autism and Jenny McCarthy. He said that he's actually lost count of the number of new mothers coming in and refusing to vaccination their babies solely based on what Jenny McCarthy is telling people. I am all for the freedom of parenting, however, if we are going to make such a serious decision about your child(ren)'s well-being, I should hope that more research would be done. It honestly scares me to think that as a whole we have elivated celebrities to such a point that we are willing to swallow their insanity and make it our own so willingly.

Emilia Liz

I would really think twice about promoting Amy Tuteur. She's a sexist and homophobe who denigrates gay parents and single mothers by choice. She may not think vaccines cause autism, but I'm sure the Reverend Fred Phelps doesn't either (which doesn't mean either of them are wrong about vaccines).

Emilia Liz

An update on Amy Tuteur. She apparently has a son on the autistic spectrum. Look, I know many parents with children with autism, Down syndrome, etc. and most of them are very compassionate people who advocate not only for their child but for other children with the same (or related) disorders. My aunt, who had a daughter with Down Syndrome, is like this. I believe that Amy Tuteur is the exception here, but I think that when she sees happy families raised by single and/or gay parents, she gets envious and lashes out at them. She's kind of like the unhappy kid who throws rocks at other children when he sees them having fun (though I guess a better analogy in Tuteur's case would be trying to break their arm; see a story about her early days as a resident). She really should be pitied, not condemned.



has anyone died from adipex

If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


I think blogs like this that are extremist of OPINION in the opposite direction without educating themselves on the statistics, ingredients of vaccines and the importance of how diet, the environment and exercise in combination with guidance from both the medical and natural professionals in regards to effects on body chemistry and the immune system are absolutely frightening. Both sides scare me. Pharmaceutical related deaths are very prevalent, but do we need them at times, yes. Are people affected by allergic reactions from both synthetic and natural causes? Yes. It all comes down to chemistry. Is heart disease related to diet and exercise? Yes. Why do people agree with these statements but choose to believe one side or another instead of taking a cooperative approach? Take a step back, grab a biochemistry text, a pathology book, a nutrition book, a vaccine guide, read some unbiased, peer reviewed studies, trust that not all doctors or naturalists are good (as in any field), but that all are well-educated (and CHECK THEIR CREDENTIALS TO BE SURE) and make YOUR OWN DECISIONS regardless of public opinion and the temptation to follow the crowd and the mighty dollar.

Marriage Intimacy

excellent information about Promoters of Vaccine-Preventable Disease

Infertility Treatment

But is it true that autism besides being a psychological disease is also genetic?

Teenagers Parents

Are there more arguments of Sanity? Should be more


The fact that people on both sides are arguing their point does not mean they have equally valid evidence. There have been repeated studies showing no link between vaccines and autism. The thimerosol so often blamed is not even present in the MMR (most often cited as the 'cause' of autism).

Personal testimony and anecdotal evidence is NOT "just as good" as a peer-reviewed, scientific study. Luckily for the world, science isn't determined by majority rule or current political and/or religious beliefs.

Kim Oakley

Autism Research Institute is a fine organization. They have helped many families with autism. Dr. Rimland (who sadly passed away a few years ago), the founder of ARI was and remains an incredible man. He was one of the few people who understood my son's savage self injurious behaviors and encouraged me to explore all alternatives to protect him. On the flip side, it is sad to see any organization, no matter how fine they are, give Jenny McCarthy the time of day, since her child is obviously misdiagnosed with autism and the woman is using the autism label to further her wild ass new age agenda. This illuminates the false world people like McCarthy live in, because they haven't truly lived with autism. Interestingly, her child is only,what, seven? And he was alledgedly diagnosed at 2? And then two years later, cured? This woman has NO idea what it takes to spend years and years analyzing, managing and synthesizing information regarding treatments and help for a truly autistic child....severe autism is more common than the public has been led to believe and so is the epidemic of misdiagnosis. Sadly, the autism community is so desperate for exposure, they willfully ignore McCarthy's fraudulent performance as a mother of an autistic child, and clap and cheer as she leads thousands away from the truth and realities of true autism.


Amazing to ponder how many women sit and stare at the boob tube and believe everything they are told by other women in Oprah...and yes, Jenny McCarthy. Without an ounce of shame, McCarthy has paraded her child around as an autistic child, when it's more than obvious he's not autistic. I guess she figures the more media she cons in saying he was and she cured him, the more people she can con into thinking vaccines cause autism. If vaccines cause autism, how does that explain people who were never vaccinated having autism? Autism isn't a tradgedy. Yes, it can be severe and in those forms be extremely challenging for all involved, but autism is most likely rooted in many things, and not so simple as being "triggered" by a vacccine shot, and "cured" by a gluten free diet and a bit of ABA. Too bad there's no cure for the narcissitic, histrionic, sociopath, aka: Jenny McCarthy.

Perpendicular Blog

Perhaps Jenny McCarthy was at the pinnacle of success several years ago when she acted like a half-witted blonde with big boobs on MTV. Maybe she should have quit while she was ahead...

Hmm...I still remember her PlayBoy issue.
Oh, that's right, we're discussing Jenny's recent, feign eureka towards autism, her new book of knowledge along with her anti-science position in society. Uh-uh, like I said, she should have quit while she was ahead...

T.L. Duerr

I have made an Animation that is dripping over with Satire:



you have been proved wrong above Jenny ...



Liz you are one dumb sick person for doubting Jenny !

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