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Saturday, November 01, 2008



Wow. This never occurred to me as a possibility. I know our life has been tamed and the possibilities narrowed, but it never entered my mind that we really would not be able to live somewhere else. Jeesh. Do they let fat people in? How's about people with a genetic predisposition for breast cancer or diabetes.


There's no inherent human right to immigrate to whatever country one wishes, especially not if you're going to cost the new country huge amounts of money with no return. And this is demonstrably not "eugenics"; neither of the two children mentioned are likely to have offspring. It's all about adding burdens to the public budget for people that are simply not the responsibility of the state. When everyone in Australia/Canada/etc. has all their health care and other needs met, without budget deficits, then one could rationally expect the laws for would-be immigrants with severe disabilities to be more permissive.

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