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Friday, November 28, 2008


Broken Link

Thanks for linking to Dr. Barrett's article. It is amazing that parents will fall for this kind of expensive scam. And it seems the insurance companies are being fleeced as well.

It sure is a fancy website, though, at Care Clinics. One strange thing, despite the small number of testimonials - actually it is very few considering that 150 children are treated each year - there is nothing said about the progress of the first and most important client, Kazuko's son.

Andrew W.

I found this comment libellous so I took the vowels out.

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Brian Elk

A de-licensed physician? You mean like Andy Wakefield?


Andrew W. quoted from "bolenreport"...

What kind of two-bit loser believes the PR guy of a woman who claims to have a "cure" for ALL disease!? Especially since she claims they are caused by a critter that is only found in a small part of the world, which can be cured with a "zapper."

Here is a nice page dedicated to the author of the Bolen report:

(I also found out to my dismay that one can get subscribed to the "bolenreport" whether one wants to or not by participating in the Healthfraud listserv. Bolen will harvest email addresses of any who posts there and then spam them with his press releases and fact-free reports. This is why when I changed ISPs, I resubscribed to the Healthfraud listserv but only lurk.)

Also, Barrett is not a "de-licensed" physician, his is a RETIRED physician. This means he no longer practices as a doctor, and so does not need to continue to pay to maintain his licensing. Is that very hard to understand?

mike stanton

Andrew W
if we leave aside your unsubstantiated allegations about Dr Barrett's moral character, can you point to any substantive errors of fact in his report that Liz omitted to mention?


Andy W, are you aware that Bolen has a financial stake in the Cavitat litigation and is barred by the settlement from speaking about it? Bolen defends doctors who sexually assaut their patients. Why would anyone with half a brain believe him? I guess you do not have half a brain.

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