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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Andrea Shettle, MSW

Thanks so much for re-posting this! I hope some of your readers will take a few minutes to send an email to Obama's team.


Hi Liz. Random commenter here. I grew up right behind the Athenian. My father spent the final 20 years of his life in a wheelchair, and I started sobbing when Obama gave a shout out to disabled folks. My mother told me he always said that in speeches. Acknowledgment is just the first step, but I think this coming Administration will make some progress where other Administrations have just ignored the issues of the disabled. Including disabled folks in the conversation is just the beginning. Thanks for posting this.


president elect
PLRASE pass alaw oon guys showing there crack in public places
That is indence exposer and should have to pay a fine
If a lady went into a store showing ther cracks they would call the law on them
Thank you

John McGowan

Dear Mr. Obama,
I am one 0f your supporters, in Utah. I voted for you, but unfortunately my vote didn't help elect you because of the Electoral College-Winner Take All.
But this does not concern the failings of the Electoral College.
A few days ago on CSPAN the subject was putting people to work, and Infrastructure was being discussed. I don't have any specific proposal for infrastructure except to suggest regulations about long distance trucking-to get most of it onto the railroads. Why not require trucks going over a certain distance be required to be on the railroad. An exemption could be for those going to communities having no rail lines, such as St. George Utah, near which I live.
Some time ago I surmised that one fully loaded 18 wheeler making one pass on a stretch of freeway put as much wear and tear on the roadway as a whole year of automobile traffic. I have no idea how accurate this may be, but There has to be some truth to it. The idea here is to PRESERVE infrastructure, therefore requiring less construction of it.
John D. McGowan, 1342 Apple Blossom, Apple Valley Ut 84737-4832

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