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Saturday, January 03, 2009


John Doe

Wow I am so happy to cee that people are actually speaking out about the almost un-imageable atrocities that were allowed to take place at this hellscape. I am only now starting to come to grips with what I went throu 13 years later with devasting after affects such as Severe OCD, PTSD & paranoid delusions. I have struggled tremendously since the dreadful day that I was abandoned there & the worst part is that I have had no way to relate or translate my stories/experiences' to people in the 'real world' because no one has a reference point to these nightmarish scenarios that were my everyday life there at CEDU. The best way that I can explain it was that it was something out of a Scarey Science-Fiction Novel or a Twisted Twilight Zone Episode. I have suffered from severe panic attacks and been crippled with awful anxiety on a daily basis ever since then. Again the worst part is that no one has any reference to what I am talking about so they can' t relate or evenn begin to image the pain & suffering that I am still battling. If anyone cares to talk call 484 318 1619. THANK YOU!


Hi--I also suffered panic attacks, crippling anxiety,PTSD, depression, etc..after being at Cedu. I really hope there is some way to make these people accountable for what they have done to all these kids. Everyone involved including the people that own and operate the centers to the staff. How could anybody in good conscience work in a place like that? You know you are not really counseing and helping people. You're brainwashing them!!I have often wondered about these so-called counselors and what they're doing today? Do they have any regret about what they've done? Have there been any class actions suits against them that includes all attending children? I would like to hear other peoples points of view and discuss with anyone that would like to.

mike barbetti

i was at nwa from 98-99.............interasted in purchasing the film


Your documentary looks interesting. Some good insight into a school that knowone will understand unless a student. I must say the producers entirely focused on the negative which seems biased. Y'all completely overlooked Cascade School which was just as much a part of this perhaps even more significant in some ways. The kids that were selected were from the later years of the school when things seemed to be falling apart. You also selected kids that had bad experiences rather than the many that had good ones. This project needs much more work exploring the dynamics of the situation and the trend of parents to send the kids to these type of schools during the 1980's. So many interesting facets to explore, I know all the inside info for I was a student at the beginning of Cascade. Good project but could use more balance in perspective.

Laura Mascheroni

I thought I was crazy! I might be going crazy now because of what happened to me and other kids at CEDU Running Springs, but Im not really crazy! I was brain washed and my spirit was raped and my soul was murdered. Looking back at what I tried so hard to forget, I understand why my hair is turning grey, I cant sleep and my head spins out of control with thoughts and insecurities that feel out of this world! CEDU hurt and tramatized me in ways you cant do to an already troubled kid. I graduated in June 2000 and Im now starting to put 2 and 2 together. I was never this bad, just angry and sad and struggled to learn. Now, I wake up every morning from random nightmares, trust those I shouldnt and cant trust those I should. I want to be apart of helping future kids get the real help they need. This was pure emotional abuse. I will stand by that and I will stand by all the other survivors that cant get their story out because no one will believe them. Its like denying the victim and rewarding the rapist.

Jennifer Skilling

I was abandoned Cedu for a short time in 87-88. I ran away and the police officer would not bring me back there. He forced my parents to come get me and take me back there that he would not have that kind of cruelty on his conscience. Fortunately I got to go to a normal boarding school where I excelled. The abuse that I saw and suffered never goes away. My parents blew it off like nothing really bad happened to me. Anyone involved in raps or propheets, cavity searched were abused and it might as well have been done by their parents. I am almost 40 and this still effects me. I can't trust anyone. I cry all the time and I am always scared. What happened to us was a crime, abuse, sex crime and it should be public and recognized for what it was.


I was at Cedu running springs 1999-2001. I am just starting to see a shrink to deal with PTSD. I've stayed silent about the abuse and after effects for 10 years, and I just started exploring the trama about 3 weeks ago. The documentery that was made was helpful for me to understand that I'm not alone, and is a usefull tool for others to get a glimpse into the life of Cedu. I wish there was a clip about the truly nightmarish things that went on there and not all glossed over for the public viewing. About the cronic nightmares...I just started to take a drug called prozisin(sp?) and it as been a godsend. No more nightmares! Charlie (Chuck) [email protected]

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