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Friday, January 02, 2009



Thanks for the shout out.

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David N. Brown

The obvious problem from the start was that NOTHING has been invented by ONE person in a long time. Even if someone is named as sole inventor, there is bound to be dozens of people who provided essential services and would sue if they didn't get a cut.

David N. Brown

I've found confirmation on my earlier comment: CHOP's manual defines the share as "the total amount payable to all Hospital Personnel who are Inventors, Authors, or other creators of the Intellectual Property generating the Net Income." This definition is too broad for ANY one person to claim the entire share for himself.


You may want to consider amending your above statement to avoid looking foolish.

Paul Offit is listed on six patents.

United States Patent 5,626,851
United States Patent 5,750,109
United States Patent 6,113,910
United States Patent 6,270,800
United States Patent 6,290,968
United States Patent 6,531,156

The NEJM even lists him as being a patent holder.

"Drs. Clark and Offit report being coholders of the patent on RotaTeq. No other potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported."

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