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Friday, January 02, 2009



I saw that just a bit ago and figured you'd be right on it...if you weren't, I would've sent it to you.

What amazed me (probably because I don't read a whole lot of what Kirby writes) is how eager he was to take pot shots at Chew. It was obvious there was more than information-sharing motivating that HuffPost piece.


I wonder what the good folks at Age of Autism think now about their Journalist of the Year.

Oh, I guess they will forget this mistake. AoA doesn't have a lot of journalists willing to take up their cause. The closest to a journalist that they have is David Kirby, followed by the other former journalist Dan Olmsted. They can't afford to reject Mr. Kirby.

That said, I find it amusing that the Age of Autism blogged about Change.Org and their effort to recruit an autism blogger. Apparently, David Kirby doesn't read the Age of Autism blog--where he is a contributor!


You forgot Sharyl Attkisson, AoA's attack poodle at CNN. ;-)


Age of Autism wrote about a few months back, and published the phone number of the editor who was searching for an autism blogger. Maybe Mr. Kirby was too distracted by the accolades to notice.


Its now on AoA


AoA caught on and removed their post

mike stanton

Kirby has caught on now and re-written the piece. It seems that anti-vax parents reported it to Kirby and he did not check the original before writing his piece.


Pretty funny that the mercury moms told Kirby what to say and he dutifully said it. Just like his book.

What percentage of Kirby's Huffington Post articles have now required corrections? I guess they really will let just anyone blog there.


I thought one of the top priorities of journalists was to check their sources, but of course, not being a real journalist, Kirby didn't.

Like I said to Kev, at least the Obama team will know what a lousy "journalist" Kirby is, and will hopefully avoid him and AoA in the future. I have a mind to write the Obama team myself to spell out a few things for them about the pseudojournalism and pseudoscience that they promote.


Storkdok, I saw your question on

"Is Obama willing to point out non-evidence based science and medicine and not pander to unscientific theories with no evidence supporting them (ie vaccines cause autism)?"

People can go here:

and put "autism unscientific" in the search box to display Storkdok's question and vote for it.

I asked the following question:

"What will the Obama administration do to ensure that autistic people, as the primary stakeholders, will be able to participate meaningfully in policymaking on autism issues?"

Search "autism policymaking" to find that one.


Anne, thank you! And I saw your question and immediately voted for it! I absolutely agree with you!


Kirby is great.

Who is the dumb person saying not recovering from autism is desirable.

If you do not want autism you should not vaccinate.

Liz Ditz

Honestly,paya, you should get out more. The vaccine-autism hypothesis is so 2002.

If reading is too hard for you, here's a five-part YouTube video explaining why the vaccine-autism hypothesis has been disproven since the early 2000s. Part One

Kirby is far from great -- he is a vaccine-autism shill, who can't be bothered to do the least fact-checking.

Who is the dumb person saying not recovering from autism is desirable.

Kirby cherry-picked that quote to inflame folks like you, who do not seem to understand nuance or bother to question your own assumptions.

Here's the whole thing, drawn from a 10-point list

10 Autism Controversies

#2 Recovery From Autism

Autism is a lifelong disability that is most likely genetic in origin. Nonetheless, claims that children have been "cured" from autism and have lost their diagnosis have been reported and are often given excessive attention in the media. But focusing on recovery distracts from attending to the needs of autistic individuals in the here and now. Parents may put all their energy and resources into so-called "cures" for autism, instead of focusing on the individual in front of them, and on the educational needs of that individual. Recovery from autism is neither possible, nor desirable.

Dr Aust

Did Kirby really get the wrong change-dot? I hadn't realised. That really takes the biscuit - what a chump.

Perhaps that explains how he stopped being a travel writer? I have this vision of him filing a story about London, Ontario, and mentioning the Palace of Westminster as a must-see.

On the other hand, I guess I shouldn't be too snide. With a fact-checking (in) ability like that, he could probably work as a "health" reporter on many of the British newspapers without standing out as in any way unusual. The ability (chutzpah?) to re-badge a press release with minimal changes or checking seems to be a key skill in far too many places these days.

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