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Sunday, February 08, 2009



Hi, Liz--Thanks for posting the link to my blog. It's ironic that Age of Autism thinks (I use the term loosely) that Deer is such an all-out fraud given that the man has taken on the Devil Himself in the form of Big Pharma incubus Merck in another of his investigative reports and also took on the problems with the "AIDS vaccine." And there are many others. It's not like Wakefield or MMR is all he does. He's an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER and a damned good one, at that.


Hi Liz, thanks for the link and the comment. I am going to link yours as a resource as you have some good stuff here. This issue frustrates the hell out of me and needs exposure. I can't believe the people defending this (as you can see from the comments on my blog)!

Grumpy Bob

I posted a comment on Wakefield's role on 6th Feb, at my blog as the Jeni Barnett furore spread and the measles data came out - it predated Brian Deer's latest.


Thanks Liz for linking to my piece. This is a great article you have here. Just so you know, The Age of Autism has posted Andrew Wakefield's response to the Deer investigation. Filled with more gibberish of course, but still worth a look.

Steven Salzberg

Nice work, Liz. I had found half a dozen blogs commenting on this, and linked to a couple of them in my own post, but 65! It's very helpful to have them all in one place, and it's eye-opening to see the vitriol and denial behavior from the anti-vaccination crowd.


So according to Harold Doherty, when journalists uncover and report on possible wrongdoing, that's a violation of due process. Isn't Doherty supposed to be a lawyer?

What about the last time when Brian Deer reported that Wakefield was paid close to a million dollars by vaccine injury dollars in order to carry out his research? Deer was sued by Wakefield then, and we know what happened. Keep in mind that UK libel laws are very plaintiff-friendly.

Andy Holroyd

A good round-up, thanks for your work.


Ugh...the crazies are all crawling out. It's sad, even when their hero has shown to be making shit up out of whole cloth, they just cling to him like burs on a dog's ass. I agree with tara smith: "can't we just put a fork in it alread?" cuz this manufactroversy is very, very done.


I guess if you knew someone who had a kid who was "normal" until they were injected, you might not be so skeptical. When you inject little children with thinks like formaldehyde, metals and chick embryos, what do you think is going to happen? Try using some common sense.

short man

come on Anne you know these things are fully tested . just ask brian I hear he's a real science expert


Anne, formaldehyde is a normal by-product of our own metabolism. Normal blood levels are 2.5ppm or 2.5mg/L (or 2.5 ug of formaldehyde per ml of blood) - compared to that, the amount in a vaccine is within limits, particularly given the half-life in blood of 1.5mins.

If you consult vaccine formulations, the average amount to which an infant might be exposed on any one occasion is 0.2mg. Assuming the (not unreasonable) average weight of a 2-month-old of 11 lb (5kg) with a typical blood volume of 85ml/kg, the infant's circulation usually works out at about 1.1mg, or x5 greater than the amount in a vaccine.

We've discussed mercury and aluminium elsewhere.


When you inject little children with thinks like formaldehyde, metals and chick embryos, what do you think is going to happen? Try using some common sense.

Yeah, better stay away from those chick embryos.

On a separate note, I'm gonna get me an omelette for dinner.


Their on-line behaviour is generally sour, intolerant, even misanthropic. But the anti-vaccination crowd are some of Wakefield's most tragic victims. They have invested a great deal of their time and energy, their lives even, in defending the appalling liar and charlatan who has so clearly taken them in. I don't doubt there were expectations of shed loads of money to ease their woes on the back of his scam, and their hopes have been dashed. If he declared to morrow the Earth was flat they would accommodate it, such is their personal investment in him. They cannot let go of their obsession to Wakefield's fantasy, because they cannot allow it. To do so would be tantamount to an admission that they are exactly as all the rational world knows them to be - outrageously credulous and ignorant, and without a shred of humility.
Maybe at one time, before all this spectacular fiasco started, they might have earned some sympathy for the situation some of them and their children are in. But they have dug their own hole with their bile filled arrogance and vitriol. They offer no evidence for their arguments, only more personal insults, bile and vitriol. They have missed out on a jackpot and, like the most difficult hyperactive children they are having an interminable tantrum. They are comfortable in the shitty mess of their own making and no-one should expect any of them to eat humble pie and come out any time soon.


I am utterly shocked at the absurd claims they are making on my blog, and many of the other blogs listed here. This is nuts, I don't even know how to respond to them because they, unbeknown to themselves, are the victims!


Thanks for linking Scibite here, this is a very interesting collection you have here. The anti-vax crowd do seem to resemble religious extremists in their unfounded beliefs and inflammatory language. DB is isn't quite right though, it is not they who are the victims, it is their children. These people leech off the herd immunity of our population seeming to be happily ignorant of the suffering and death that might otherwise inflict their children if we didn't have these vaccines!

garden arbors

great post. thanks!

garden arbors

Curtis Maybin

There is some kind of cover-up going on somewhere

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