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Thursday, February 05, 2009



Absolutely ridiculous.

However, it is quite heartening to see the overwhelming support from the students, even in such a conservative area of the nation.



Kay Ferguson

I have personally known Mr. Mullens for about a year as he is my niece's favorite teacher. I think this whole scandal involving his teaching methods and religious beliefs are ridiculous. Students must learn to evaluate both sides of any issue in order to learn about the world, their surroundings, and their own set of beliefs. He is merely trying to guide them in evaluating a world beyond Brookeland, Texas. I would also like to take issue with the gentleman who wrote that people from Jasper are inbred, uneducated, and prejudiced. That is far from the truth. I hold a Master's degree from UTMB and all my neighbors are lawyers, teachers, doctors, judges, and very educated people. If we are not going to judge Mr. Mullens for his beliefs, then let's not be too hasty to judge the entire people of "Deep East Texas" either without first getting ALL the facts. It reeks of prejudice, exactly what we fighting in supporting Mr. Mullens in his efforts to provide insight to students who will undoubtedly experience this same forum in college. He should be able to teach his class in his own method and his religious beliefs are personal and certainly not any business of the school board.

Kay Ferguson

michelle F

I have Known Mr Mullens since i first moved here in the 7th Grade im now a junior. The woman named Kay Ferguson who commented previously is my aunt Kay. Ive spoke nothing but great things to her reguarding him.

This is what I think about Mr Mullens.

his teaching methods are different yes, but in a good postive way. He always wanted us to think outside the box. See things from different peoples perspectives. We would always get on educational dicussions in his class. He was able to inform us on all the current events happening around us, personally he got me interested in politics and let everyone know it was okay to think differently. Personally hes taught me more then a lot of people. hes taught me about life, people, history,a lot of things hes spoken about will always stick with me. That is why i will continue to stick with mr mullens and show my support towards him. I want everyone to know that what is happening is not fair. Its not right. I will not be silent. My voice will be heard about this. I was raised to stand up for what i believe in, so that is what i will continue to do.

And if anyone at school has a problem with me supporting him, then thats your opinion. But this case will not rest until justice is served.

What goes around comes around.


You know it is so very funny to me that the schools have been trying off and on for years to take God and religion out of the schools all together. Now just because one student has issues and runs to Mommy that all of a sudden God is back again. His religious beliefs should not be on trial here. That is why the school changed his reason for suspension they new it should not be. As long as he is not trying to push his beliefs on his students then he should not have to answer for anything other than his teaching. So many students are behind him which tells me that he is one of the few good teachers in that district. As for the Ms. Comeaux. lol. She has a superiority complex and needs to be taken down a few notches. Mr. Mullens lawsuit sounds pretty good right about now. I will pray for those who are judging you. As you know they will answer for their doing so before you do.

Lisa Ramsdell

I have known Mr. Mullens since he started teaching at Brookeland. When he moved up into the High School level, I was so excited. His way of teaching was the best. I have never learned so much from any teacher. Him and one other were the best. The best thing about him was the fact he wasn't scared to be different. He let the class have debates and real discussions. It wasn't the same crap everyday where you walk in, sit down, and start reading from the text book. He made it exciting and enjoyable to be able to learn and still be involved. I can't believe he is going through this. Mr. Mullens' religious beliefs should have no business being involved. Brookeland has come so far since I attended there, but now it just looks as if they made their school more "showy" instead of a real school. And as far as the whole religious thing, it isn't a private catholic school. It is a PUBLIC SCHOOL.


I have been a student of Mr. Mullens for five years and not once did i ever hear him say anything about religion. He is a good man and his teaching is excellent in the way of me wanting more. I passed the Social Studies TAKS test greatly because of this wonderful man. I have my rights to stand up to a school were they allow "students" to walk around with a tazer that they used on my cousin. Also, my mother went to school in Brookeland ISD for five years when their was only the master building, the old gym, and a small lunchroom. The same people that she has known for years are still walking around judging people when they should look in their own backyard. Preachers should preach at church not school. Teachers should teach at school the way Mr. Mullens has and according to my mother if your not apart of the brookeland "clique" you don't fit in at all, your an outsider looking in. There's a many of times i heard my mother talk about the "crazy" times when she went to Brookeland herself, and alot has changed since then. But not the people that keep their nose up everybodys ass when it doesn't suit them and their religion.

Thanks alot,
April and Beverly Hayes!

George Morris

I'm from Illinois, and have never been to Texas, although I have heard it is a rather religious part of the country.

Anyway, reading this article made me very angry at what sort of things happen in this country. This teacher, appears to believe in teaching students to examine things from all angles, and think for themselves, rather than accept whatever the government or anyone else is trying to force feed down students' throats.

In a deeply Christian area, he gets persecuted for being atheist? I hope the authorities involved in this atrocity are reading this.

To them I say: Shame on you. You are purposefully failing to give your students a good education just to satisfy your own agenda. One of the principles this country was founded on was separation of church and state. This teacher's constitutional rights have been violated, and has every right to sue, and he should do so.

Personally, I identify as conservative, but regardless of this man's political views, he is a fellow American and his constitutional rights must be honored. You cannot deny employment in this country based on religious or political status.

Justice must be served.


My problem here is that he was distracting from the topic at hand. What does a pregnant students problems have to do with history? Seems to me he wasn't running his classroom as he should. Now don't get me wrong, persecuting him for being an atheist and/or a liberal is wrong, but it seems that as usual there's more than meets the eye. My other problem with this is that if this were a christian teacher teaching creationism, there would be an uproar and calls for his resignation, but if a liberal gets in trouble suddenly it's wrong? Seems like a double standard to me. The non-persecution for beliefs has to work both ways. They say separation of church and state, but is not atheism a form of religion? It's a belief system that worships creation by nature in the place of a and denial of a supernatural deity. If Christians are not to express their views, then neither should anyone else. For that rule to be fair it must apply to everyone, or not at all. Put simply everyone take the old rule of the three things never to be talked about and not speak of them and things will be much better off.


He wasn't "teaching" atheism....or creationism for that matter. It seems to me, Jeff, that you might need a bit of a reality check about teenagers in the classroom and what might actually engage them. I am a high school English teacher, who, like Mr.Mullens, runs a rather "loose" classroom. However, I rarely have problems with discipline and have an excellent record as far as my "lower level" kids passing their state assessments. What I have found is some of the best "teachable moments", about the connection to what you are teaching, be it history, art, English, whatever, occur during some of these "off task" conversations that actually engage students and get them to connect what they are reading to what is really going on. It is sad that this district is losing a good teacher, one that actually makes his kids want to come to class and do something other than regurgitate facts like little robots.


No matter what you believe on the issue one thing is clear. The administration fouled up. They did not provide resonable probable cause, they did not put the required repremands in his file, they did not offer him a chance to edit his style once there was a complaint, they simply suspended than fired him.... No matter how you look at it they are not equiped to run McDonalds let alone a school. I hope the residents realise this. It was handled VERY poorly. However, perhaps all they had were poor reasons.

As for Jeff's comment. You applied your own bias to the article and presumed facts not written anywhere by anyone. The topic that the student disagreed with was not part of a class, it was during there own time.

Also when you seek to replace a possible athiest teacher with a pastor.... It obvious religion was involved. It's often forgotten but religious rights don't just protect the majority. Had he been a muslim the school board would have been removed outright and fired. However, because he was possibly an athiest they didn't think that freedom of thought and religion applied.


Well this is what it boils down to. All the people who are judging Mr. Mullens on his beliefs, should not be judging him at all. If someone judged you about your beliefs how would you feel. It's not even a good reason to suspend a teacher. You all say your christians and believe in God, but the God I know should be the only judge here. You should look in the mirror and find your own faults, instead of looking for other people's.


Fascinating story!

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