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Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Love the poster.

A.K. Hard

I am very proud of Jenny McCarthy for standing up to our corrupt and twisted medical system. Most people have no idea how corrupt it really is. AMA is so tied into the drug companies that doctors are trained in a way that makes drug companies profit. It is all about getting people hooked on drugs. Doctors are in bed with the drug dealers. And many doctors are too brainwashed to see how the system is using them. Most of the drugs are very poisonous to our system. Including vaccinations. Vaccinations contain MERCURY a known POISON. Why is this happening? Follow the money. It is profitable to keep people sick. Make them well, then sick again. Endless cycle. The drug companies are that powerful. Yes, vaccinations contribute to Autism AND many other issues. My guess is they “powers that be” rationalize keeping people sick because if the entire planet was healthy, it would not last another 50 years. Can't argue with that. I found out about the corruption after researching my own health issues. I cured my depression and anxiety naturally. I got rid of dental problems including cavities, naturally. I lost weight naturally, etc. Alternative natural therapies are amazing and do work. There is a great backlash against them. Who is behind the backlash? The drug companies and medical community. I will never set foot in a doctor's office again if I can help it. All they did was make me sicker. In fact, I was healthy before I ever set foot in a doctor’s office. Yes, they can do good, but they can also do very, very bad. Research. Find out the truth.

Liz D

A.K. Hard is wandering about the internet, posting this rubbish.

Ticktock at Science-Based parenting has an excellent rebuttal, as does Nick

Just for starters....if the profits are derived from keeping people sick, wouldn't it logically follow that doctors would be against vaccination, which after all prevents illness?

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